Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pardon me..but where are you

Does everyone have some secret life on the weekends, that I don't know about?

Haven't you noticed that blog-land is DEAD on Saturday and Sunday? (so is Email)

It's killing me to know what thrilling things you all are doing. What's so different on the weekend?
What am I missing out on here?What is it that you all know ,and I don't??

Please tell me what people do on the weekends. What'd YOU do this weekend??Hmmmm??

Here's what I did.....

Cavuto woke me up at 6 A.M.

First ...he gets right in my face " wow wow wow wow." I had my arm over my eyes so he couldn't see my eyes.

Then he sticks his nose right up to my mouth and sniffs his cold breath in my face .

then ...'wow wow '

I uncover one eye , open it real quick and then shut it. (This drives him nuts)
Then he really tries in earnest to wake me up . Petting my mouth with his dirty little feet . "WOW WOW WOW WOW"

This is where his NEW trick comes in. If I don't wake up at this point ,he's discovered that spilling water all over my nightstand gets me up real quick.

So, I'm watching him ,with my eyes shut. He immediately goes over to my water (which I had stupidly put in a coke can keep him from knocking it over) Silly me.

He picks the can up with his teeth ,drags it towards him and then sticks his foot over there to completely knock it over. Before I can believe what I'm seeing , I hear the water pouring towards my stack of library books.

I'm up , smarty cat!!!!

"you little shit"

Anyhow, i did NOT want to get up early . I took tylenol p.m. last night so i could sleep IN. :(

I sat around here all morning watching Lucy and then i went to two thrift stores and wal-hell.
This town was PACKED! Every store, every road , every restaurant.

And Wally-hell was especially pleasant. NOT!

I can take the crowds slowly moseying down the aisles. I can take the morons totally blocking the aisles. The driving for 10 minutes to find a parking space. The long checkout lines. The inferior merchandise.What I can not take is the millions of damn people in this town who STINK!!!

And I mean stink up the whole aisle. These people are not homeless, they have a cart full of stuff they're about to BUY. I KNOW there are places in this town that will GIVE you soap and deodorant for FREE. I even know creeks where you could use it,if you have no running water.
Why ,for the love of GOD don't you people take freakin showers...ever???

Please...don't leave home stinky!!!!!It really makes me want to puke right on you. And someday ,I just may do that.

Sorry , got off on a little rant there.
Ok, where was I ? :)

Oh , I got home and my husband was still lying on the couch , as he had been ALL day long.

Then he finally got up and said he was "going to go do something on the boat"

Well, he comes back and says"come on lets go help Nosey get junk out of the lake"

My neighbor ,Nosey was down there with a pole trying to shove these huge piles of seaweed-y stuff and debris out of our cove so they would float away ...somewhere else.

So my spouse got out there and drug them away with the anchor.

Due to the rain we just had it had all collected in our little cove and grossed things up...big time.

Then we got our "happy hour" stuff gathered up and off we went . It was , by now after 5 p.m. and a little cold for boating..if you know what I mean.

We drove around for a little while , then went to dinner . We sat outside . It was really too cold to be out there by the time our salads came.

I asked the waiter for an extra napkin so I could use it as a blanket for my freezing legs. And I suggested to my husband "ohh ,I know , you could drive the boat home and come back and get me in the car?"

ha ha .

I sat on the floor on the way home , wishing I had my gloves , and long pants and a real coat on.
Instead of a hoody and a beach towel for a blanket.

Happy weekend peeps!

Luv me

One called me today ..from key west , a band was playing in the background I could baerly hear him. He said he brought his camera , but forgot the battery charger. i said "get some batteries! "

it doesn't take real batteries. Am I surprised? um..No.

Then Two also called me , he said "the first day of spring and we get 8 inches of snow!!!"

Oh , no offense my babies , but I am glad I am NOT in Chicago.


SOUL: said...

aint it great?

and why are you huddled in the corner of your boat?? you look like an orphan!!
oh wait-- you ARE an orphan.. hmmm

it does get quiet on the weekends eh.


Smocha said...

I just told you...I was freezing to death!!!

we just got home about half an hour ago. what are you doing , and what'd you do today>??

SOUL: said...

i'm sittin on me arse.. my eyes are on fiah--my glasses don't work.. we went fishin, took the kids to 6 flags-- noooo we did not stay-- we went to lunch-- came home-- i took a nap-- stez just left to go get a easter basket for soulkid and pick them up -- you wish you were ME dontcha???

come take me somewhere-- food!!!
i coulda sworn i JUST went shopping and i have no damn food WTH??


desert dirt diva said...

i just sat home wishing i could go buy that forbidden pack of cigs.. decorated eggs with the kids.. listen to dave bitch about the brakes.. listen to dave tell me the brakes work after he fixed them and no they did not go out on u when u went to the store, wth i do no when the friggin brakes hit the floor.....

Anonymous said...

I made a pact with myself to never go to Wal-Hell on a Saturday. But someday I want to take a stopwatch and a clipboard to Wal-Mart and see who the peeps are that park in the first 9 rows. I think they are the employees, since there is NEVER a parking spot at Wally World within the first 9 rows. I will take a chair and sit and watch. I bet those cars are there for 14 hours a day. G5

SOUL: said...

happy easter

simonsays said...

This post made me laugh, OMG, kittys are so FUNNY!

And I have to admit, I remember sitting like you in the boat in the cold, acting like I was having the time of my life, freezing my ass off! That made me laugh, too.

But like you said, you don't have 6 new inches of snow!