Thursday, March 13, 2008

I must be senile baby.....

Happy Thursday Peeps!

This was the temp yesterday . 78 baby!!

(I didn't know the dirty smudges were there.This camera is great at fining dirt ,invisible to the naked eye.)

Was I out there, enjoying it? No. I was in the dang house most of the day.

I've read all y'all s blogs . Geez, everyone has all this drama and problems going on. I'm just speechless. (as usual)

My heart goes out to you guys. I don't know what is wrong with me this past year or so.... I seem to have lost the ability to communicate. WTH?

Perhaps it's time for a med change. :) I should look into that.

Please don't take it personal that I left no comment on your blogs. I am literally "speechless"

Duh.....I'm like a vegetable sittin' here. ack!

My keyboard cat is no help.

My spouse is still hatin' his new job. And this is a problem, for one who's job defines their entire life.

As y'all know, I quit my job back in Dec. ,thinking we were moving. Well, that is all still up in the air only NOW I have no job.

My days have been filled with planning a yard sale for 3 months now. Frankly ,I'm bored out of my mind.

Seems pretty trivial as far as "problems " go , doesn't it?

Maybe something hilarious will happen today. Maybe I'll make that Doctor's appointment.
Then again......maybe today will be just like every other day.

We'll see.

Have a great day y'all !

Hope all your troubles become smaller today.

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I'm so back and i know ya missed me!~!!!!! yeA I GET TO READ BLOGS AND BLOG MYELF.. I"M SITTIN IN HIGH BLOG HEAVEN.. YEA FOR ME"

Smocha said...

Finally!!! I was about to keel you!!!

I'm going to read your update. Did you notice everyone in the world is mad at me ,for being depressed and isolating?


Anonymous said...

Smocha - Re yesterday's blog I meant to tell you that I do not think you are fat. You are just short for your height. G5

simonsays said...

I love your kitties, and I love when you post their photos.

I hope you start feeling better, it sucks when you just don't feel like "you".

I really understand how your hubby feels about his job, it really can define your life, altho it shouldn't.

I cannot type today. Ugh


Anonymous said...

You could come see your favorite aunt! Boy, storms blew through 3 times last night with horrible lightening! Naturally Rocky was a nervous wreck. We had bad hail about an hour ago. What's worse is we're getting it again tonight! auntie j

SOUL: said...

good news to report here--
eeg came back ok


guess it was a cuz i am me thang

feel better

and come help with my yard sale
luv me