Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Try to contain your excitement......

Hi Peeps,

How was your Tuesday?

I've been working in my house nearly all day today. I got a lot done though. Got my winter clothes, shoes and purses packed. (no room in the house for summer and winter at the same time) ack!

Got two more boxes of yardsale stuff boxed up. Scrubbed my bathroom, mopped the floors, vaccumed, did the cat litter and the trash, got furious because ants had infested the cat food.

They have one of those "never empty" feeder things, so when ants get in there I have to throw away probably 2 or 3 pounds of cat food. GRRRRR!!!!

On the bright side...I guess those bastards are a sign of Spring. :)

Ok , where was I ? what else did I do??

Oh yeah, laundry, cleaned the laundry room, cleaned the office, cleaned the kitchen.
Than I went to town long enough to go to two thrift stores.

Ran into Floozie1 at one of them. Found very little though. A brand new address book with cheetahs on it. Mine is a humiliating wreck.

And a plastic refrigerator bin to put lunch meat and cheese in. Because our lame fridge doesn't have one.

Then I got home and instead of giving in to my urge for a 3 hour nap....I sorted pictures for the last 3 hours.

I'm ashamed at what a state my pictures and papers are in. Floozie1 has EVERY single one of hers...IN albums, labeled with who ,when ,where, etc.

I have never been THAT damn organized. (I do wish)

I'm done for the day! Unfortunately, I have to cook dinner (ewwww) OR resort to top ramen .

Well, crap...it sucks to be lazy:)

We haven't gotten our flash flood yet . But last night ,I was trying to watch "New Amsterdam" and they kept interrupting with 10 minute long tornado warnings.

That's a good show, BTW.

If anything exciting happens...I'll be back.

Have a great night y'all


Mary said...

My pictures are in bad array, too. Not at all organized. You certainly aren't lazy! If you want to see lazy just look at me today.

I enjoyed the pics. Especially the one of you and Soul. Which one is five and which is one? I have to ask - are you two sisters? If so I didn't realize that.

SOUL: said...

hiya mary---
allow me to answer your question.. seein as my rude sister did not :))
sorry SMOCHA-- talk to peeple would ya???

yep we be sises.

anyhow---- my pix are much the same.. all over the place-- but i do have many in albums.. but i do have many in boxes, shoe boxes, foot lockers-- and every other place imaginable. someday i'll get to em.

i also have tons and tons on disc and cpu too. that need to be printed. and THEN put in albums--which will be oh so fun, and expensive.

oh.. not to mention my 150 rolls of ten year old UN-devloped FILM. :))

anyhow-- happpy humpday!

oh ps-- sushi just farted the grossest dog fart imaginable--i think she misses jamie :))

luv me

Smocha said...

I did answer her you rude slorch. :))