Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello...Shady Pines

Happy Thursday Y'all,

Picture it, yesterday at the grocery store. .....

I had such a "senior episode" it actually scared me.
There I am in the meat aisle and there are hams galore. I look around and everyone has a ham in their cart.

"hmmm...when the hell IS Easter anyway?" I looked at a few strangers and considered asking them. But figured I would seem WAY too stupid. So I call Floozie 2 (at work) and say " I have a couple stupid questions for you. "

"I probably have some stupid answers for you."

"First of all, when is Easter? "

"This Sunday. "

Crap, when did Easter start coming THIS close to St. Patricks day??

My second stupid questions involved the unknown brands of ham I was staring at.
That question was deferred to her husband.

He called me on my cell phone and educated me all about ham. In Chicago ..we had "honey baked ham" I never heard of Morrell or Mashs ham.

Thanks Floozie2 and Lake Farmer. I pick out a ham. And then it hits me........

I have absolutely NO memory of what we normally eat WITH ham. My mind is blank!!
I wander the aisles, looking at various foods, asking myself (outloud of course)

"stuffing? no ,i don't think so."

"sweet potatoes? no"

Uhhhh, beans? hell no."

It NEVER did come to me. I wound up getting 2 cans of field peas.

I still can not remember what we have eaten with ham for the last 45 frekin years!!

WTH? Did I have a stroke or what??

Tell me what goes with ham y'all. And pass the nursing home. :)

My spouse will be home this evening from Mayberry. He'll be here for Easter. Probably to inform me that he no longer eats ham. lol

The news on the Mayberry front is, he finally found a temporary place to live. Or I should say , a place he didn't turn his nose up at.

Apparently it is a furnished townhouse. It's not IN Mayberry either. More like Mt .Pilot.
The big city of more like 15,000 people. So at least we'll have Wal-mart. he he

I asked him "Did you tell the guy that we have 3 cats?"
"oh, no I forgot to tell him that."

HELLO , that's usually quite the deal breaker.

Ack! So yesterday he informs the guy that we have 3 cats. Of course he had to promise my firstborn to get the guy to go ahead and rent to us.

The man went on to tell him that he had just had to spend $20,000 on one of his properties because a woman had 93 cats in there.
93 cats!! A real collector there. The kind you see on the news,having their cats confiscated. YIKES!

So ,sometime in the near future i guess I'll get to take me a trip to Mt. Pilot. :)
At this point even THAT sounds fun!


My plan du jour is to clean and finish sorting the pictures and papers.

Don't be jealous. :)

Have a great day y'all !

Luv me


Mary said...

Our Easter dinner: Ham, baked asparagus, deviled eggs, copper coins (carrots)and coconut cake. Always preceeded by leafy salad.

I have senior moments almost everyday.

SOUL: said...

yep-- i'll trade places--if it includes the past twelve hours !!!

ham for us- includes a truly southern fest- of

ham (of course)
baked sweet potatoes
salad (as well)
brown-n-serve dinner rolls

and PIE
which depends on my mood on shopppin day

ore vois :))

Smocha said...

Thanks you two. Sounds good ...but not familiar. WTH??

Hope ya had a good Thursday!

SOUL: said...

if good includes a haircut and a nap-- it was just divine.

btw-- we're havin brisket and chicken on the egg for our easter--- know why?
cuz we forgot it was easter toooo-
it is rare that easter is in march---

anyhow-- whaddaydoin?
you missed 333 in my box by one minute-
eerie huh?

luv me

Smocha said...


I must say that I feel a little relieved that I'm not the ONLY one who forgot Easter.

The 3:33's are still going strong around here too. The price of gas, the time I wake up , the time the phone name it. lol

Maybe we've just become obsessed with 333. Like you never see the kind of car you HAVE until you BUY one , then ..they are everywhere.
Know what i mean ,vern?

Hopefully ,that's it.

At least it's not our weight . ROFL.

answer me mail matey!!

love me

SOUL: said...

oooooh-- what if it's my FUtURE weight?
now that could get scarey !!


Anonymous said...

Ham, green beans, roasted potato chunks, apple sauce. We are having a roast pork loin instead of the ham. When we lived in Detroit we were introduced to Honey Baked Ham (the business was started there). Stood in line for 2 Easters to pick up one that we had reserved 3 weeks prior. Popular items. Ever since we have been spoiled. It if ain't HoneyBaked, it ain't ham. G5

Golden To Silver Val said...

Every time I make ham I have to have the following: baked beans, potato salad and sweet potatoes or candied yams, whichever terminology you prefer. Also some green beans made with cream of mushroom soup. Brown and serve rolls and that's a wrap!
This year I'm making the ham with Classic Coke. I ate some of this at Christmas and it was DELICIOUS.