Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cabin fever bleh

Happy Saturday y'all!

Yesterday we had our "blizzard"
It was one of the most boring days in recent history.

We layed around here like a bunch of slugs.
We took naps. We ordered Chinese food.

Chester (Fosters dog) is here too so the cats are all in hiding in our bedroom.

monkey is the only one who's had the nerve to venture out.

Who'd a thunk it. lol

Today's the day they start raising the lake. WOO HOO!

Fun and excitement galore!

The official "walk the dog in a blizzrd" outfit.
Bathrobe and cowboy boots.


As for the happy little couple .....So far all I know is they plan to invite about 120 people. And we'll probably have some kind of engagement party out here this summer .

Three said "I think the mother of the groom pays for the open bar. "
Ha ha ..I DON"T think so.

And Gidget said "I feel old and different."

They're so cute. :)

Have a grat day peeps. I'm about to get cleaned up and get the heck out of this house!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Groom's parents pay EVERYTHING for the rehersal dinner. mexican place u buy margaretta. one I went to at country club --- thousands of dollars worth of food, had cash bar. u buy what called, little flower guys wear in lapel? I am sooooo happy for them! auntie j

myomyohi said...

Since we're snowed in here with our blizzard, I was counting on you for entertainment. Good thing I took the time to stop at Walmart on my way home from work yesterday (during the beginning of the blizzard) and buy paint. That's my snowbound entertainment. Hope you enjoy your Saturday! Tell Foster we said hello.

SOUL: said...

if the party is there-- i take it the wedding is in chi-town???

what have you been doin today??

we've been cleanin, and shoppin.. and JUST got home.. UGH.. almost time for kids already--- double ugh-- can i take a nap now???

wth was wrong with blogger earlier? i couldn't do nuthin....then we had to leave

simonsays said...

I'm so excited for you upcoming wedding! They are just he cutest couple ever. You are going to have so much fun with all of it.

I love the robe and boots - looks just like something Mark would put on to go out with the dog.

I hope your weather is better today!

Zaida said...

Well said.