Sunday, November 23, 2008

What's on YOUR menu?

Blogger Happy Sunday Ya'll,

My darling made it home about 7 last night. He was kind enough to rent a car so I didn't have to go get him . (night blindness, you know)

He had been up for 23 hours by then , so he stayed awake long enough to open some mail, wait for his chinese food and go check on the boat.

The other day I had told him that we "needed to eat what was in this house , so we may have fish for Thanksgiving."

He promptly squashed my idea of "getting out of cooking a big turkey dinner". ack!

So I had to go buy all the trimming for a big ole feast for just the two of us.

My turkey weighs 10 pounds. It's the smallest turkey I've ever seen. I'll probably feel guilty ,knowing that I'm eating a baby.

What are ya'll having for your feast?

Here's my (rather bland ) menu :

Stuffed celery , a cheesball and crackers,olive tray

Turkey (cooked on his precious egg)

Mashed potatoes, gravy

Floozie1's famous sweet potato casserole

My jazzed up stovetop stuffing

Broccoli cheese casserole

pecan pie, pumpkin pie

and of course those cheap little rolls in the cardboard box


On to ya'lls comments......

Brad said...I wanna see the walgreens passport pic! come on.....

Oh, as much as I would love to show that off, the Visa people kept that little gem.

Blogger SOUL: said...woke up to 31 her high was 37.. burrrrr. and it's only gonna get worse.

It is freezing here and I can not stand it!

stez has one of those bracelets..his is metal.. i'd never seen one before. he wore it for years--til you almost can't even read it anymore.

They were ALL metal knucklehead. He's so young ,how did HE get one? No fair!

G5 SAID....

Will watch for hub to come over and embrace his boat and say sweet things to it. It IS a beauty. G5

You know he'll be down there, probably as soon as he is dressed.

Mary said...

Your cats are beautiful. Time really made a difference in the size difference.

Cavuto was the runt of his litter. I shudder to think of how humongous the other 4 turned out. LOL

I know you'll be happy to have hubby home for a few days even if it does leave you with a trashed house. I always judge the success of a weekend gathering by the size of the mess - the bigger the more successful. I know, I'm wierd. But the mess isn't important it'll clean up - the happy memories last forever.

You are absolutely right Mary. But it would still be easier to cherish the moment if I had some xanax. Dirty houses make me stressed out :)

Brad said...

Love the pic - I never knew I was flirting with a minor.

LOL , very funny . You know how old my kids are.

Anonymous said..

Beautiful cat pics! I thought you once lived in Chicago and its cold weather? I guess your blood has thinned out down here in Dixie. G5

Thank you. Yes, I lived in Chicago ....but I moved there directly from Florida. And before that, California and Washington. I NEVER got used to that cold weather and I loathed every day of it!

I shall return later with some pics as the day unfolds.

Have a wonderful day Peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

You must be having a senior moved here from Chicago! We're going to have a heat wave, 50's and 60's tomorrow. 70% chance of rain tomorrow so at least it won't snow! You're always showing your messy house so how can you fuss at hubby?, huh? aj

Anonymous said...

oops...I had senior moment..I read moved HERE from Florida instead of moved THERE from Florida. aj

Design PR said...

I'm going to Kim's parents' house for thanksgiving. I'm responsible for making the sweet potato casserole. I have never made it before. Can you get me that recipe??

SOUL: said...

i never asked him when , why , or how he got his bracelet. hmmmm. btw-- i'm not a knucklehead-- i told you i never saw one before.. :P

and you shouldn't answer comments in a different post-- it distracts me from the rest of what you said.
oh ya-- how long is hubby stayin? a week? for tday?

we are gonna egg our turkey too-- how long do ya cook it for??

other than that-- same ole same ole--
if it was MY choice-- we'd go out... but noooooo.
so now WE have to clean for three days-- just to make a big mess.
oh happy days-

enjoy your hubby-ness

Anonymous said...

Glad hub made it home. 23 hrs. Ugh! Dang, we coulda had y'all over here for Thanksgiving. We are gonna roast one turkey and deepfry the other. Will have 10 around the table (2 kids coming with their kids and a dog.) We are also having dressing (reg. and cornbread), sw potato casserole, reg. sw potatos, mashed taters and turkey gravy, broccoli, cranbury sauce, condiment tray,brown n serve rolls, fruit salad and eclairs for dessert. G5

ac said...

The Captain has one of those big green egg things. Makes the best ribs EVAH!

Sadly, I don't know how to cook a turkey on it and he will be away at work. So.... it's 'Ceviche' for us on turkey day. Hey... don't blame me. I just cook what my goofy famdamily asks me to cook. :)

Enjoy your hubby being home and your Thanksgiving. Your menu sounds yummy!