Friday, November 7, 2008

That's priceless.......

TGIF people.

This has been a long week. My VISA papers have been in L.A. since Tuesday. I have not heard a word . Other's have said "I got an email saying they received my documents."
"I got a phone call asking my travel dates." I got nothing.
I can't help wondering..... "did we screw something up?" "did we send them TOO much information?" ack! It's gonna be a long weekend.


I don't know if any of ya'll took that "commonly misused words" quiz that I had on here or not, but my oldest son took it and I beat him! Bwa ha ha !He's our genius.

That is the first time I have ever beat one of my kids at anything. They have been kicking my ass at everything for 28 years. Tic tac toe, Chess, Mario Brothers, Tetris, Monopoly,War, Scrabble, you name it.
It feels good to win!!Bwa ha ha ha !!!!


I started writing this post at 6 this morning. It is now 10:17.....
I've spent the last 4 hours working on trying to ship our stuff to England.

From the shipping company:

"The rate below assumes that you deliver to our depot in Little Rock and collect from the port in England; this service would take approx. 4 weeks. We can offer door-to-door service for a minimum charge of US $ 1400 for up to 50 cubic feet of boxes; that service would take approx. 6 weeks by ocean freight. Thank you for your interest in our services for a pending ocean freight shipment from our warehouse in Little Rock, AR to the freight terminal in either Rainham (London) or Eccles (Manchester). Based on the information you have provided, I am pleased to quote the following rate: US$ 675 "

I think NOT!
My spouse and I finally worked out (over the phone) if it will not fit in a suitcase...we are not taking it.
Meaning ,I will now unpack and repack for the third time.
Fine. OK. Except we have one huge thing which we must take and no way will it fit in a suitcase.

What treasure do I speak of?

What else?

My cats crapper ,of course.

Litter robot:

Total: $194.65

Price to send through USPS,assuming I can get the box down to under 108 inches:


Price to send through UPS, if I can't get the box down to 108 inches:



Our cats, shitting in style : Priceless


Me ,on the phone to my spouse "ugh! I am a frazzled mess!"

Him "you? what are you frazzled about ,you don't even have to DO anything."

Coffee spews out of my nose.

Ummm. WTH? Oh NO, he didn't.....I am going to pretend he did not even SAY that!

I never!


Now that I've wasted half the day sitting here, I'm getting away from this damn computer.

Back to sitting on my ass ,eating bon bons and doing nothing. ROFLMAO!!


Have a wonderful day peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

what would it cost to buy another one there? aj

Design PR said...


"That is the first time I have ever beat one of my kids at anything. They have been kicking my ass at everything for 28 years. Tic tac toe, Chess, Mario Brothers, Tetris, Monopoly,War, Scrabble, you name it.
It feels good to win!!Bwa ha ha ha !!!!"

Go eat your bon-bons!

Anonymous said...

You should write a book. This would be the England chapter. Congrats on beating your son - proves that you are extremely literate and therefore, quite capable of writing an excellent book. I cannot understand why the cats need such a fancy shithouse. Wally World has nice kitty litter boxes with covers on them. We scooped for 30 yrs of cat ownership. No prob. Cats dont care anyway. Good luck. G5

Mary said...

I took the test. Score A-. A certain man whose name I won't mention said I cheated. He scored a C. I beat him and his delicate ego is bruised.

I don't envy you this trip. You'll end up spending just as much buying new 'stuff' as you will shipping. It's honestly just six of one - half dozen of the other. Frankly, it'll be less stress to just buy new 'stuff' - after all there's bon bons to savor and naps to take. I want a nap too!

Michael Sick said...

You can get a Litter-Robot delivered to your home in the UK from this website.

It will come with a UK power supply although you could just buy an adaptor in the UK if you do ship your current Litter-Robot. Good luck!

Smocha said...

Thanks. I will be doing the blog from over the pond , but not sure if I'm able to sit still long enough to write a book. Maybe when I'm a little older.
The cats are just used to the robots and so are we. We're all just spoiled I guess:)

Mary, Woo! you go girl! You are one smart cookie!
I think MY husband would do worse than me as well. And I'm sure he wouldn't like that:)

Michael Sick, Why did they not tell me this??
Any how ,I just checked out the site and it's actually cheaper for me to ship the one I just bought. Yikes!
Thanks for the heads up:)

desert dirt diva said...

I know why the litter robot thing is a must,you don't smell that beloved cat smell and can not even tell there are even any cats in this house, and personnally will not let any of my cats in the house , yes i have four and since the house next door burned up we have a adopted new one i named asphalt, and told the kids there are not to call it little

desert dirt diva said...

P.S. quit STRESSING my beloved witch bag

SOUL: said...

my cats quit using the damn robot-- they prefer the smelly two dollar platic tray.
whatcha doin?
i updated. finally.
you should go thru this blog and make sure you don't have any evidence of your name or address etc. do you?
you should stop talkin bout leavin or do a fake post that you are staying.
i would hate for somethin to happen to your stuuuuuuffffff.

yo hub would have a caniption but could you rent it to ev- if she needs to move or somethin?

welp--i's hungee - gonna go eat my weight in chipotle :))

myomyohi said...

Why can't IBM ship your stuff utilizing their export department, and their freight discounts? That's what I would do.