Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Woo hoo, Memphis ..........again.

A little trip to Memphis.......

Oh ,this view is just splendid.

The beauty is unrivaled......


It makes me want to weep.......

Could it be? The end in sight???

OH...Thank God.

Looks like a nice town as we zoom by , going 80.

View pictures in reverse order for the trip home.

Crabby? who, me?


SOUL: said...

makes ME wanna cry.
did you go round trip? or spend the night? i don't even know how far it is.
luv me.

Anonymous said...

Stupid gubmint. Don't they have ink pads in Arkansas where you could make fingerprints? Good grief. Sounds like you didnt even go see Graceland or Beale Street. Right under that bridge is a little park on Mud Island where they have the Memphis Belle - a WWII B-17 that did 50 missions bombing Germany to bits. You can save all that for the next trip to Memphis. Ha! G5

audrod777 said...

hey there Rhetta or was it Gaga?Pretty sad that I would have to find out your MOVING to England thru your blog space! **tsk tsk. Anywhoo, (and close your mouth already! lol) hope your Thanksgiving is gRRReat! Too bad you could'ny have just kept driving all the way to Lancaster! Were going to Mike and Shannons and there will be plenty of turkey!

Smocha said...

Hey Audrey! Long time no hear from.
Send me some pics of everyone. You old granny:)

Love me

SOUL: said...