Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Set me free why don't ya babe..get out my life ...

Look ma, no more damn boxes! Woo hoo!

Those boxes, which have been the bane of my existence for about 2 weeks ,are on their merry way to England. Good riddance!

Still NO word on my VISA. 24 hours ,my eye!

Last night ,I made my 4 page list of work that needs to be done before I leave.'s too soon to do most of it .So I actually have a few days to be lazy. I also made hubbys list (lol) which is not going to thrill him. He's gonna be a busy boy while he's home.

Now that I am out of "waiting for UPS prison" I am gettin' out of this house today. Yippeeee!!!!


Next time you're feeling stupid.......check out some of the searches that led people to your blog.

These are actual searches that people did ,which landed them here on my blog.
(all wording and spelling is THEIRS)

how do you make polyester

cat stroller dumb

how to do hairfor the ball

kinky housewife inserts apple

removing my cats voicebox

sorry rotten cats

yurt snakes

doctor info on screaming cats

I hate to even wonder about the kinky housewife or the monster that wants to remove their cats voice box. *cringe*

Share some of yours ,ok.


ah, they look so innocent when they're sleeping.

The ONLY time Cavuto is out of mischief.

O'Reilly doing his "bunny" pose.

It doesn't get any cuter than that

My hubby got to go to some convention in London, for the last 2 days. They took them all out to dinner last night on one of those big red, double decker buses. You know, the cool ones that I am dying to see? Did he bring his camera? so his poor neglected wife could see the bus, or London, or anything? NO!

Somebody tell me, how could he be so selfish?So insensitive, so thoughtless!
I am crushed!

I'm off to get my chores done so I can be out of here the minute the stores open.
I'm free baby!

Happy humpday ya'll!

Luv me


Design PR said...

Haha, sure enough!
You are number 4 in google for "removing my cats voicebox"

Anonymous said...

Anxious for you to take pictures there. Big red buses should be neat! Getting kids tomorrow so will have to work today! aj

Brad said...

I feel stupid - I have never figured out how to see what people were googling when they found my blog - what gives ?

Did you get me anything while shopping? did ya? did ya Huh?

simonsays said...

You take the best kitty pics...or maybe your kitties are just more entertaining than mine?

Happy shopping and running around.


Anonymous said...

The Christmas cat pic is super! The red busses in London are really neat. Nosey and I rode around on one for a couple hours to see the town and all. Peeps in England talk funny. They call it English, but. If you stay with someone and you want them to knock on your bedroom door and wake you up, you tell them to "Knock me up at 7". Congrats on no boxes! A 4 page list? Egads. Maybe items 97, 98 and 99 are set thermostat, turn off lights, lock door. G5

myomyohi said...

You're gonna love the old cemetery's in england. I hung out in a couple the short time I was there. They're cool. The architecture, castles, tall skinny chimneys, skinny streets, so many things will amuse you. You'll be there in person soon, and can take lots of pics to share with those of us left behind. I can't wait for your new adventure to begin.