Sunday, November 16, 2008

All I want for Christmas everything......

Hi all,

Well, (insert stream of cuss words) I just tracked by boxes, since I have heard nothing about how much money they want from me. And what do I see?
For some reason it says "unable to deliver , returned to shipper" (that would be me. )

(insert more cuss words) WHY???
Now I am back to square one ,again with that shit!

Not one word on my Visa either.

UGH! I am sooooo MAD!!!!!

I spent my entire day working on my 4 page list. Fun times, ya'll.

I spring cleaned and inventoried both freezers and the refrigerator.

Springs cleaned the laundry room .

Scrubbed my tub and all the steel sinks.

took out a ton of frozen trash.

Vacuumed the whole house.

Cleaned the kitchen

Mopped the floors.

Cleaned the office.

Did laundry.

Searched in vain for my photo program (so I'll have it in England)

Took a break in there ,long enough to go eat a hideous lunch at KFC.
They have a lot of nerve calling that fast food. 9 bucks for that slop!

That was my thrilling day.

It's windy as hell and freezing out side. And I'm in a great mood. (not!)


I found the most awesome thing ever. In fact,I thought up this very idea when I lived in good old windy, freezing Chicago.

Presenting the Nubrella

With its sleek aerodynamic oval design, providing the very best in protection for your head and shoulders, the Nubrella forces the wind over and around the canopy making the Nubrella truely wind-proof. No more struggling with umbrellas to maintain their proper position in the wind. Simply strap on the shoulder support and walk completely hands free because the Nubrella has no pole through the middle. The Nubrellas unique and well thought-through design protects you from wind chill and extreme cold - you will be amazed on how much warmer you will feel using your Nubrella.

THIS baby is on the TOP of my Christmas list !

Speaking of which......since I have nothing to post about's the rest of my Christmas list. (so far) he he ...

English hot rollers

Cheap English stereo

Leg warmers

This "snood" , yeah I never heard of one either.

Cat key chain

Adorable boots

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

At what age do you think you'll be too old for boots like those? 75? yes, very windy...temp now 39, is to get down to 32 tonight. brrrrr auntie j

Anonymous said...

You would actually wear that numbrella in public? Egads. The shin warmers are good as are the boots. England doesnt get awfully cold - not like Chicago - but it is very damp and drizzly. Now that you have cleaned the place up spic and span what you need is a surprise farewell visit from your babies for about 3 days. Not! G5

simonsays said...

Holy crap woman, you have been busy! I know you have so much to do, I can't even imagine how hard it would be to try and ready yourself to move - all help...and not be able to take all your stuff. Ugh. Like I have told you before, I admire your strength and tenacity and if anyone can overcome all these is you.

Happy Sunday. Take a break today. :)

Design PR said...

That is one dorky umbrella. Also, your header graphic of the lake looks nice but it's impossible to read all the text.

Love ya!

desert dirt diva said...

love everything

SOUL: said...

i must see that nubrella ON somebody--- it truly is the most stupid thing i have ever seen in my life-- and trust me .. i seen lotsa stupid in this life. :))

i still can't believe you're leaving the country-- how weird

luv me

Brad said...

Hmmm. Everything you want for Christmas is black.



myomyohi said...

I'm thinking the wind is going to catch UNDER that nubrella and blow away even faster than a normal umbrella. Make sure you wear clean underwear, becuase you may take flight and crash land.