Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who's that girl?

Happy Thursday peeps,

Yesterday ,on my way into the library there's a guy on a payphone, as I walk by he blows me a kiss. Later on , I am looking for decent books and the guy comes up to me . He says " I see you so often that......."

His mouth is moving , but the rest of what he says may as well be " I see you so often that static ,static, static."

WTH? It's not like it was so LOUD in the library that I couldn't hear him. My damn ears are failing me. I had NO idea what he was saying to me. And it wasn't like I WANTED to be having a conversation with some stranger who just blew me a kiss. I just nodded like a moron as he said what he was saying and then he walked away.

He could have said "I see you so often , I'll be stoppin' by later to kill you."

Nod , nod , "oh thats nice."

Can people go deaf from being middle aged? This is crap!

Oh yeah, he was right about seeing me "often" ,the day before that I had seen him at my grocery store.Maybe he's stalking me. hmmmmm.
Well, there's still no word on my VISA. My spouse did get my plane ticket .I hope they approve my visa. :)

I woke up wondering how I was going to get from the rental car return place to the terminal with 3 cat carriers , 2 huge suitcases, my rolling back pack ,a purse and a huge coat.

Sounds like fun, no? I need a travel Fairy . Soul? you have one of those?

Last night Cavuto was going crazy at the back window. Meowing so strangely that I got up to make sure it was really him and not a burgler. Well, just as I was writing this I found out the reason.

We had a pretty little visitor. She came right up to the office window ,screaming her head off.
She was obviously no ordinary stray cat. She was an Abyssinian or a Bengal. I saw that she was wearing a tag , so i go out there (with no damn glasses on) and try to read the number . I come back in with 3 blurry possibilities. Then go back out with food and water .
I try calling the possible numbers and come up with zilch. I angrily go back out with some damn glasses and get the correct number. Then I realize that she is declawed.
OH great, she won't last an hour around here.
I go back out once again and put her in our extra carrier.
I call the number and get an answering machine. "Hi , I have your declawed cat on my patio. Please call me back!"

Luckily she called me back in moments.She had been in the shower.
She immediately rushed over to get her baby.

Apparently ,she had burned some food last night and when she opened the door to get the smoke out , the cat had escaped. It was pitch black , so she couldn't find her.

She (the cat) obviously spent the whole night at the window screaming at my cats.

I shudder to think if one of mine ever got out.

As a plus ,I got rid of the extra carrier that we had no room to store:)

Note: blogger won't let me move my picture. ack! That's her up at the top.
Goodbye strange little cat.

Have a great day ya'll,

Luv me


Anonymous said...

instead of rental car, get flossie to take you; she went to memphis w/you so she probably will. aj

Mary said...

If flossie isn't available to drive you, call airport limo to pick you up (it won't cost more than a rental car) and ask for a porter to help you through the airport. He'll have to be tipped but what the heck, you need help.

When working I learned every trick in the book about traveling. I never had live pets but most times I was carrying a truck load of 'stuff' Porters all over the world knew me on sight and would rush to help me. (Remember I was in travel status aprox 85% of the time for almost 20 years.)

Brad said...

I think you need a personal assistant/house boy to help you relocate and help run the new homestead in 'Jolly Old' -

Consider this my formal application.

P.S. I'll empty the cat box but I don't do windows.

Anonymous said...

Well, the rent car peeps have these little bus things that take you to the terminal, with luggage. The little man that drives it will put all your gear aboard and take it off his little bus thingy. Then you give him a tip of 5 bucks and then hail a porter to hep you into the terminal and up to the desk and give porter man another 5 bucks. Voila! You are there. I imagine that the geek at the library was mumbling the last part of his strange utterance. So, it was not your hearing, but his mumbling. In any case, ever happens again, just say "Buzz off" and he will get the point. Congrats on your good deed with strange cat. I imagine his mother was very grateful. G5

Debbie said...

HI Smocha!Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up! Check in daily to see where in the world we are headed next!

Funny post, BTW.

Debbie said...

HI Smocha!Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up! Check in daily to see where in the world we are headed next!

Funny post, BTW.

SOUL: said...

pretty cat-- glad she's with her mommy--

i am sure you will have trouble haulin all that crap around your airport-- but have you forgotten that you have me and soulman and even soulkid to carry stuff?

AND to drive from the car place to the terminal.

and you're even lucky enough that it's a saturday--- soulman can do all the heavy stuff.

(you are goin out of here right?)