Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live vicariously through the young.....

Happy election day Peeps,

Here's something for you to vote on that should be easier than picking a President.
Ready? Ok.......

Who looks more ridiculous....er....smokin' hot (lol) as "hot pants cop" ?????




Don't be a pooper. Come on...pick one.


The costumes below ....were all hand made by the talented Mr. Ian

I am impressed, as usual. Good job Ian!


Finally.......here's the Halloween we could have had , if we weren't...you know.....all geriatric.

(You guys all look adorable! Love Mom)

Happy Tuesday ya'll!


Mary said...

Oh how I wish I could be young enough to party all night. I remember those times well. Then I remember the mornings after and I'm content once again.

It is a blessing when our children are well, happy, and enjoy doing things together.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Andy.

Anonymous said...

Wes' getup is the best. Props to Ian - those are great costumes. I have made some and I know how much work it is. Great job. He needs to go to Hollywood and make big bucks. I hope those boys never grow up - they have so much fun. When in my early 20's went to a Halloween party in June - all dressed up. We had a gallon jug of 180 proof moonshine likker - impossible to dilute tho we tried. All got drunk and I woke up under the coffee table with what felt like an axe in my forehead and my friend Bill woke up on the neighbors porch across the street. I will never forget that great party. G5

SOUL: said...

love the cop and the kilt -- i think weis is cuter-- but i think my vote doesnt count-- that--or i'm creepy.???

i miss those days. geriatric. what a word-- but boy howdy does it fit me these days- how sad eh?
wth are you doin?
luv me