Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lance me baby.....

Good bye ,my baby.

I'll see you in 2 weeks.

(oh , now the tears come)

Is it because you're gone or because I have so much crap to do?

Nope, it's because you're gone. Again.

I'm soooo ready for this to be over.

(your butt looks great , by the way) :)))

Ok, I'm pulling myself together here.

Ok, ooohhhm...calm down...get your shit straight.....

Guess what you guys? It's almost time for all you bloggy friends to sign up for Holidialies.

What's Holidailies?

"What's This About?

Holidailies participants solemnly vow to update their Web sites daily from Dec. 1 to Jan. 1."

The 2008 site is not totally ready for signing up yet , but should be ,by the 1st.

I did it last year, but it was on my old blog. (the one over in the side bar , with the bad curse day)

I hope you guys will do it.

I'm about to die right now because NO ONE even seems to update these days.Some are even quitting their blogs and taking breaks .

Gah! Here I am in my hour of need. LOL
I'm kidding guys, go on with what you're doing.
Just don't forget to send me some real email.
Don't make me worry about you, my mind can't handle it.

I just found this new blog tonight, and after I replied to 3 of her posts ,I had to get off of there for a while . I was about to look like a stalker.

It was weird, you know, like when you meet someone in person ,and it's like you've known each other forever?

I'll put her link up tomorrow. My eyes are shot now.

Since I've already lost my shit in front of everyone.....I might as well spill my latest nightmare...ok.

Or , I should say"the latest chapter of the family curse"

As you know, my spouse was just home for a week. Well, what happens about 2 days before he gets home?

Try to guess, I bet you won't ,in a million years.

Remember, we're talking CURSE here. He came home once and 2 days before hand, our truck burned to the ground.

Give up?

Ok , this time (remember it's MY curse) lol not his.

2 days before he gets home , I get an effin boil on my ass! That's right a boil. I have never had a boil in my life.

Oh, but haven't seen my husband in 3 months....the perfect time to get a boil , right next to my hoo haw.

Sa-weet! How delightful.

"oh , Hi honey, guess what?"

"wanna see my boil?"

"wanna lance my boil?"

"I'm nearly desperate enough to ask the neighbors to lance it."

Remember, my health insurance is in England now. NONE here.

You know you want me.


Oh, make that (ROFLMBO) rolling on the floor laughing my boil off.


SOUL: said...

well, did he lance it???

BPOTW said...

Oh, of all the times. I thought you were talking about our monthly "curse"...Honestly I don't know which one would be worse.

I'm sure you were able to make do ;)

Thanks for submitting your post!

Anonymous said...

Good grief! It musta hurt to even sit down. I know - I had one there once. Didnt know what kind of dr. to go to so I went to a proctologist. He was kind of insulted, but he lanced it and treated it anyway. After lancing, I def. could not sit down except with a pillow. If it doesn't subside you will need to get it lanced - before an 18 hr or so plane trip to England, that's for sure. G5

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe hubby was gone 3 months! If he's like any other red bloodied American, I'm surprised yall even got out of bed the one week he was home, let alone cook a big meal. I guess he did take time to talk to your sons, huh? Auntie j

Anonymous said...

Scott usually stays 2 weeks. Was he going to Sweden to see his friends first?

Anonymous said...

After I read this post, the title made me laugh out loud! So funny, and so typical of real life.

By the way, if you were referring to MY blog, I've got to tell you - just reading your comments today made me think the SAME THING! I'm like, this woman and I have a whole bunch of things in common! Honestly! How cool!
Please stalk me! (:

Brad said...

Well ol' Boil Butt what's shaking ? Sorry your man had to up and leave you but he does have a cute butt. Wonder where he keeps his boil? - sorry, I got nothin today...

Smocha said...

LOL yeah first the name "pimplena" now "boilbutt"

I feel pretty...oh so pretty....

On the good news side (which is pretty slim right now) my lovely boil is almost gone.

Thanks campho phenique!
Dr. Google told me about that cure:)

Smocha said...

Sorry I'm so behind, Star , I was talking about your blog. :)

I think I want YOU to write my book.

Please send me your email.