Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm cold and there are wolves after me.....

Hi Ya'll,

Well, what happens the minute my husband leaves?

The temperature drops to nothing, it starts snowing and the wind blows like crazy for 2 days.

This stupid car was all nice and covered with it's brand new car cover. Well, you can see where that wound up. Wet and dangling from the car by the cable . Otherwise the damn thing would have been in Kansas.

I was ill about the fact that "I" was going to have to go out there in the freezing wind and try to rig the thing to the car with velcro ,duct tape or something.

I'm not exactly known for my mechanical mind. God only knows what I would have come up with.

This comes to mind.

Luckily ,our good friend and neighbor Lake Farmer rang my doorbell yesterday for the cable key and he rigged the cover up and tied it to the car with string.

THANK YOU! kind Sir, you saved me from a horrible ordeal.

No word on my Visa. (gah!!!!!)

Yesterday I was supposed to just run down to the Vets and get signatures on my cats (sickeningly extensive) paperwork.Because , I must go have them signed by the USDA Vet.

Well, I get over there and the Vet looks at the papers ,trust me they don't have many pets traveling overseas around here,he then says" Where are the cats?"

"um, they're at home.'

"Well, this says that I've examined them and they're healthy ,I haven't seen them since April.Why don't you go get them."

Great, I would just love to.

I rush home and lucky for me, all 3 cats are sleeping right there on the guest room bed.

I look at the carriers all over my living room and decide there's no way I can carry them if I stick everyone in their own carrier. So I put Cavuto in one of the small carriers and cram Monkey and O'reilly ,both in the little sherpa bag.

And off we go.

Screaming all the way.

I can see that my drive to Dallas is going to be a great big fun blast. NOT!

"Help! I'm in prison."

$144.00 later , the cats have had an exam, which lasted about 2 seconds each and I hopefully have the right 'effin paperwork.

I really feel the need for a nice little nervous breakdown. :)

Have a great day guys!

luv me


Mary said...

Ain't life a blast - especially when "Official" officials have to be involved. They know you're over a barrel and seem to enjoy having you there. Hang in there. Everything will shake out OK.

Anonymous said...

I was once stuck in a car with two screaming cats for 50 miles and I felt like starting to scream with them! It's a wonder you're still sane! And $144.00! Yikes! I had no idea something like that would be so expensive.

You've just got to remember to "breathe...breathe...breathe." Everything will work out all right.

Brad said...

You poor thing. Just go into this thinking everything will be a pain in the butt and then you can be pleasantly surprised when anything goes right. It's the start of a big adventure. Right? Be well sweat pea!

desert dirt diva said...

brad is so right!! just keep taking deep breathes..your gonna be fine.....and those poor babies of your.. have not had time to update ughhhhhhhhhh i'm so slow but wait till you hear about my week...and not many pictures.. will update hm tomorrow

Golden To Silver Val said...

You poor baby! Val's foolproof hard boiled eggs....put eggs in pan, cover with cold water. Put pan on burner, bring to a rolling boil, then IMMEDIATELY TAKE PAN OFF BURNER and cover with a lid. Leave it alone OFF THE BURNER AND COVERED for 10 minutes, then carefully pour hot water down sink and refill pan with cold water to cool off eggs. Eggs will be perfect. Also if your eggs are too fresh, they will be hard to peel...helps to have them a week or more old. I hope this helps you. This makes perfect eggs every time.

Anonymous said...

Now Brad calls you sweat pea? I don't think the cats made you sweat. It is too cold. Whatcha do is put said cats in your cat stroller, put the stroller in the pickem up truck and truck em on over to the vet. Simple as that. Cats are happy, you are happy and no sweat. Yes, thanks to Fish Farmer. I drove by and saw your car cover flappin in the wind and thought 'what a strange car cover covering 2 sq feet of car and 18 sq feet of concrete!' G5

Smocha said...

Thanks guys:)

If you see me wandering around outside naked or something please call the white coats.

P.s. Val, can you believe I used to be a caterer. Good thing no one ever asked for deviled eggs.
Bwa ha ha