Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh NO!!!Please NO!

We made it. Most of us are home.

I'll update tommorow . Hopefully, I'll be done crying by then.

Cavuto got confiscated at the animal reception center.We spent 6 hours there. They could not read (or FIND) his microchip.

So ,they would not release him to us. He will be taken and (kept) in quarantine, while they ,first xray him to try and find the chip,if they find it ...then they will remove it surgicly and send it to the manufacturor to be read. And THEN , they would release him to come home. If they can not find the chip, it would mean 6 months of quarantine. Meaning , Cavuto and I would have to fly back home.

So far , all the British people I have met (while standing around bawling my head off, in public) have seemed very friendly and consoling.
I could only understand about half of what they said to me, but all in all....I now know the secret to meeting British people. Crack up in public. They 're a very caring lot ,so it seems.

Monkey and O'Reilly are doing fine. But my baby is NOT. God only knows what the poor little thing must be thinking.

Luv me


Anonymous said...

my goodness, how long would it take for them to get info back from manufacteror? instead of you and him coming back for 6 months, leaving other 2, send him to stay w/someone. stay posted about him aj

Design PR said...

Relax Mother,
He'll be fine.

SOUL: said...

well holy crap !!!!
i don't even know when you got there.. (tx time-- or even your time)
i can only imagine how horrified you are.

how can they not find a friggin chip
don't they put them all in the same place??


keep us updated

Meg said...

Hiya, I found your blog on the Expat Blog site and have decided to take a peek. I see you made it to the UK -- congrats! Sorry about the kitty...hope all works out with him. I had to leave my 3 cats behind when I moved here in August. They're eligible to join me in January, but I don't know if I will be able to afford it by then. Can you tell me how much it was to fly with your cats? (I assume you booked it all through the same airline?)

Mary said...

How horrible for both you and Cavuto. Bless his heart, he will be so glad to see his mommy that he won't let you out of his sight. I'm so sorry. Please keep us updated.

Brad said...

Aw sweetie - I'm sorry - Don't worry too much, I'm sure they'll take good care of him. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Well, here's hoping that a simple xray can pinpoint where the chip is and they will be able to read it. Hope so, for your sake and for Cavuto's sake. What is Britain afraid of, feline cow disease or something? Good grief. G5