Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hi ya'll,

Well we got the news yesterday and it was bad. Cavuto's chip is gone.They saw nothing on the ex-rays that could even possibly be the chip.

So, he will NOT be coming home.I get to go see him today. I will find out then what his "living conditions" are.

After that, I will have to make the hardest desision of my life. Do I leave my baby living there for the next 6 months? Or do I leave my husband again for another 6 months? (and take Cavuto back to Arkansas)

I have had some crappy choices in this lifetime ,but man, this one is the shittiest .The way my husband was living (without me) he may as well have been in a cage himself. Living on broccoli, doing nothing but work, in this depressing bare house.

Man, who gets the cage? him or my baby?

I also NEED to be here with my husband.I am truely at the end of my emotioanl rope. I though that crap was over. This was supposed to be my adventure of a lifetime. :(

If Cavuto stays in quarantine, he just has to stay there and "do his 6 months"
if I take him back home he has to go through all that Vet crap again, a new microchip, all new shots, rabies vaccines, rabies blood draw, tick and tapeworm treatment . (THEN wait 6 months ) and then go through the stress of the flights again too.

I am not sure that all those vaccines are good for him , to get them a second time.All that stuff he didn't physically need ,even ONE time.

So, that's where I'm at right now . And it is an awful place to be.

I will be able to think more about what to do after I see Cavuto this afternoon.I miss him so much.Hopefully he is doing much better than the horrors I come up with in my imagination.


Yesterday my husband dropped me off at this outdoor shopping mall. Little did I know that it was mostly clothing stores. ack! So I walked around freezing for a few hours. Mostly observing the people and the fashions they were wearing.

Here's some observations:

Young men (teens) wear skin tight girl lookin' pants with some really flat shoes.

Girls /young women wear short shorts with black tights.

Nearly all the females were wearing boots of some sort.

The little tiny girls were all dressed very fashionably. No one looked like they just rolled out of my local Walmart back home. (some of you know exactly what I mean here) LOL

They all seemed quite used to the cold. I was the only one freezing to death.(and wearing ear muffs)

I tried a baby "beef pastey" , basicly it was like a hot pocket which desperately needed some cheese.

I also had an iced mocha, which seemed to have no coffee in it. it tasted more like chocolate ice cream with a straw.

Later on ,I got the strongest most horrid coffee I have ever had. Even with extra cream and 10 sweet and was bitter city!

On the way home we stopped at the "good" grocery store. I could have spent hours in there looking at stuff. But my husband was literally dragging me down the aisles. (to hurry up ,get what we needed and get out)

No salsa to be had. But Indian food galore!

No sweet and low either. They have these little tiny saccherine pills.

Also no" fat free half and half" or any liquid coffee creamer .Just full on real cream baby.

All kinds of neat stuff that i didn't get to look at.


Oh yeah, I am on a brand new computer here and I need everyone to send me your email address so i can get it in my outlook express. OK.


The pictures from yesterday. Very cloudy and dreary.

Santa's grotto. I can't remember what a grotto is. lol

Click the arrow :) for babble.

Have a great day peeps. I'll be back latah'

luv me


Anonymous said...

Damn, that makes me want to cry (Cavuto) I cant tell you how sorry I am...
If he needs a place to stay, he can stay with me...
Pooty is lonely,( she would be nice to him, it would take a day or two, she is scared a bit of cats, anyway.
My roomie is a cat lover, he would love him here.
I hope I can help...
Love ya

Simonsays said...

Oh man Smocha, that really hurts my heart, too. I want you to know that I would take him for you until you can get him there. I honestly mean it - although I know you have had lots of these offers and I know logistics makes it hard to do anything. Again, I am serious. Hugs, honey.

Design PR said...

Tough break ma.
I suppose if you are going to live there for years, 6 months isn't so bad as long as the conditions are ok. Plus, you could visit him as often as you like.

Anonymous said...

Can't get it out of my mind..I still think if it were Rocky! but, do you leave your other 2 for 6 months? Only you can make the choice. Are there puplic transportation there so you don't have to wait/depend on hubby? aj

ac said...

Oh no. I was so hoping they would find the chip... :(

desert dirt diva said...

sorry to hear about cavuto, at least you get to see him, the poor baby....why did they not check him at the vets here????well you know...anyways lotsa love ..

Brad said...

Guess I typed to soon - sorry it's not going to be over soon - :(

Dang it

myomyohi said...

I agree with dirt diva - you just had him at the vet recently. Didn't they check the damn chip?
He can stay with us, if you decide to ship him home.