Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scatter brained much?

Hi Ya'll,

Well, thanks to some nice gal in England whom I do not even know,I THINK my cat papers are now done correctly.

She was kind enough to send me copies of her papers so I could make sure my Vet did them right. I'll find out for sure later on.

Thank you!!!! A million Thank yous ,Ginette. And thank you to my secretary :)


Usually about 2 days after thanksgiving ,my house looks like this.

This year ,it looks like.....


Isn't it lovely and festive?


It's really kind of sad to have nothing decorated.

It's been 15 years since I had an undecorated house at Christmas time.

That was the year my last husband died . The kids and I left Washington state ON Christmas day that year, for our big move to Florida.Along with a uhaul trailer, 2 pitbulls and 4 cats.

This year is just a delayed Christmas. For hubby and I .I mean.
Usually we send for the kids and they are here this time of year as well.

This year the oldest will be flying to Chicago to spend Christmas with his brothers. It will be a real "grown up " Christmas for them ,with out us :(

I hope they have a wonderful time.I'm sure ours will be a new adventure . A British Christmas.
Assuming they let me and the cats in the country. LOL

I hope to return this afternoon with some good news on THAT front.

Floozie 1 and I are off for a little trip this morning.

Have a great day peeps!

Love me


Brad said...

"Yes, I'm staying in condo 'B' with the monkey at the door? I need my pillows fluffed and room service please"

Put a bow on Cavuto and call it good.

I never knew the story of why you left WA. Sorry about that. And now your jumping the pond and making it even less likely that we can do a face to face anytime soon. sigh.

desert dirt diva said...

you'll have the new "house" decorated in no time at all....

well good luck call me!!!

desert dirt diva said...

so i can right all kids of bad words like f this and no one van see... or my god call me witchbag... i'm just having fun you..

desert dirt diva said...

Brad the washington thing i believe was one of the most life changing things in my dear friends life..But she made it threw with flying colors, and she now has a man who is sooooo awsome and worships her..that is the good thing of it all.....she is one of those people were you can truly say, when you think you can't handle anymore, god throws you more crap.. and when it is all over you prevail a better person, and stronger!!!!!!thats why i know this england stuff is only miner and she will get threw it...and be the better for it, and happier!......