Monday, December 15, 2008

The tour of the manor

No time yet to write about the trip , so below is the grand tour of the teensy house.

(click the arrow)


Design PR said...

Love the coffee table! The TV stand is pretty bitchin' too!

Brad said...

Hey, it won't take long to clean!

Is this where your going to stay or is it transitional until you find a new place?

Pooor poor kitties.

are you on any of the IM services ? I'm on MSN I think - it'd be nice to be able to chat -

more soon please !!!!


Anonymous said...

I DO like the view from the b.r.
Whats the outside look like.
I am so sorry about them keeping Cavuto!!!!
How devasting.
Did they think he was a wild cat or something?
I would have a word ot two with that "chip" manufacturer, too bad that our pets are considered "possessions" and not family members because the poor guy must be frantic. Can you visit him?

love, mentl

Anonymous said...

That's a good looking couch. did hubby buy? Bed looks small, though. especially with 5 in it. update on cavuto. Still have him? have they found it? boy... Also, backyard does have potential. you can plant flower seeds and pretty it up. when/how long is spring/summer? aj

myomyohi said...

I like the view and the yard has lots of potential. Hopefully you can spend your time looking for a roomier manor house. Until then it'll do. At least you're living in the same town and continent.
How's the butt? When will you know more about Cavuto?

Loved the tour. Can't wait to visit.

Anonymous said...

Video was no longer available but thanks for sending, anyway. We are all on Cavuto Watch. You got out just in time. Freezin rain and sleet here all over the state. G5

ac said...

OMG... Loved the video. It made me homesick for England. I forgot how tiny everything is over there. lol

Sorry about your kitty. :(

desert dirt diva said...

oh that poor baby, and you too.....good god why did the vets not check his chip before you left.....what did they do before animals had those damn chips.....i would call the head of vet or qurantine control....there HAS to be something you can do!!!!!my love and prayers for you send some pictures of the inside of a market.. oh have you driven yet ,and if so whats it loke??? call me when you can i have a million questions!