Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cryzilla .......is that you?

Hi Y'all,

I know I'm behind .I am sick ,sad and freezing my ass off.Every time I want to cry about how cold I am ,then I have to think of poor little Cavuto with NO heat at all. Then I have to cry about that some more. it's a vicious cycle of crying. And I must say it's doing wonders for my looks. NOT!

Well, let me see......have you guys missed anything?

We went to the movies a few nights ago. We saw the movie "The day the earth stood still" because my husband had seen the original . Well, it was pretty much awful. lol

The casting was awful. The acting was awful. And so on and so on.

The theatre was pretty comfortable though. Of course they had run out of butter. So we got to eat a nice giant tub of dry, choke inducing popcorn.

My husband NEVER looks for a good "close up" parking spot. He'll just park a mile away and think nothing of it. No matter how 'effin cold and windy it is.

On the way to the theatre from our mile away parking spot, I said " *shudder* You should have dropped me off at the door,(which he used to do) you're not very gentlemanly anymore."

Met with the icy reply "Well, maybe you're not very ladylike anymore. "

"how's that?"

"You sure complain a lot."

ooh! that stings. :)
Well ,there IS alot to complain about.

The rest of the weekend we did nothing except go to the hardware store. I took Nyquil and read my British library books.

Saturday we got to go see cavuto. His voice is practically gone from crying and he is drooling .They were closed again on Sunday . So yesterday I got to walk there to see him. It was soooo cold. My hands and feet were numb the whole way home.

The whole time I was there Cavuto sat in my lap and padded his feet on me , I sat there bawling (and freezing)

My spouse got the paper work yesterday for us to register with a doctor.Perhaps i shall have them up my dosage of effexor so I can become an emotionless zombie for the next six months.


Three years ago , even though we needed a 3rd cat like a hole in the head, we got Cavuto because O'Reilly desperately needed a friend ,a playmate and a diversion.

Abyssinians are very "paws on" cats. They don't lay around sleeping all day like normal cats. They get into things (mostly trouble) like monkeys or raccons .

Over time I guess we had forgotten that.
It all comes back to us now....as O'reilly is constantly into everything.

He is bored ,he is clingy and he wants his baby!

A rare nap. he forces himself to stay awake all day to "help" with whatever we are doing.

He wants to stay just like this.He expects us to carry on with everything while he lays there on our backs.

Normally he only does this for a few minutes at a time. But not HERE , he wants to stay that way.

Also......constantly trying to get on top of the doors.

"What? I don't know what to do with myself."

Neither do I buddy, neither do I.

Sorry folks, I didn't mean for this to be a big whiny Cavuto post. But the situation is looming large I guess. And it sucks so bad.

(didn't ya miss me? ) LOLOLOL

I'll BRB and try to be more jolly sfter I go smoke:)

I'm back. I don't feel any jollier. So let me see if I can recall some recent observations.........

Little kids sound adorably cute with their little British accents.

There are hardly any public bathrooms here. Stores, the library, ect...NO bathroom.

You can have your groceries delivered for 5 pounds. Which i did ,yesterday. it was much nicer than walking and hauling it home.

Lamb chops are incredibly cheap here, compared to back home. I got 7 of them for 5 pounds.

Restaurants are rediculously expensive. The reason we have not been to ANY.

At the theatre they have a bulk candy shop right in the lobby and you can also buy full sized bags of doritos there.

The bus drivers know nothing about their "routes" . I asked one "does this bus got to trinity street?" (one of his stops)
"I don't know."
I asked the next one "does this bus go by the animal quarantine?"
" I have no idea."

I have not tried a driving lesson yet. Because frankly, I'm positive that my spouse will be a grouchy impatient jerk about it. lol
I must do it soon though. ack.

Nearly eveyone wears UGGs here and those balloon-y bottomed coats.

The "brand name" groceries look so generic ,you can not tell what is actually a brand and what is cheap store crap.
For example the cold medicine is called "lemsip" I had no idea it was a brand until i saw a commercial. The laundry soap ect... the names are so lame ...it all sounds generic.
Tuna, no brand names that I could tell. "Prince" tuna. Could be cat food for all i know:)

I love the tupperware stuff and the sandwich baggies. Much better than ours.

Well, I better get off of here and figure out my day. I may take a bus somewhere just so I don't have to walk both ways to see Cavuto.

Have a great day peeps!

luv me


Dear Liza said...

Oh honey, my heart breaks for you and Cavuto...and I know how it is to try and be cheery when you just plain AREN'T. I would be happy to take him for you, he would still miss YOU but he would be happy here until you could get him back. But, I know thats not a good solution, either. Maybe if you tried to move in with him, they would get so sick of YOU that they would let you take him home? LOL

Try and have a happy week.

How much money is 5 pounds?



Mary said...

I'm so sorry you're having a terrible experience. If it was partical for Cavuto to get here at least he'd be warm and have his morning cream. He wouldn't have his mommy but we'd be pretty fair as nana and papa. Zennia is doing really well after her stroke and doesn't have to have "help" doing anything so she'd at least be a warm napping buddy.

Socialized medicine is something I know little about. What do you do if you're ill right now? Can you go to an emergency room?

Girl, force yourself to drive otherwise you'll spend your time either walkin' or waitin'

Remember, we're thinking of you.

SOUL: said...

could it be that i am first here too?
did the rapture come and leave me? 2008 aint over yet--- i reckon anything is still possible. ugh.
i just noticed how many of your posts i have missed lately. sorry.
that tells me i have missed just as many of most my other peeps too.
i suck. apparently i won't be winning any most supportive blog pal awards for this year. omg.

you sound horrible. all i could think as i read this post was---
come home!-- get cavuto, and bring you ass back here! perhaps go back when the cat is chipped and the season has changed???
cuz good lawd. i see it about like you do--- you're in hell. you poor thing.

there are some awesome things and places you get to go and see though. i know your grouchness takes the pleasure out of some of that-- but the pix you'll have to look back on, and you won't remember what an ass he was on that day-- just how cool it was to be there and see that.

oh and here ya go-- remember the man on the moon, and the man from mars -- that i relentlessly teased you about for years??
well.. i will willingly give you a comeback...

i honestly-- all my life thought "stonehenge" was in friggin ireland-- or scottland -- shows how brilliant i am.

so anyhow--
sorry i haven't stayed caught up--
hope you understand why.
sometimes stuff just takes priority over blogland.

anyways-- speaking of imprisoned cats-- i hear one of my cats crying to be let out of -- somewhere. i think the hubby may have locked her in the bathroom.
shall i flush her?? :))
joking. :))

love you
luv me

cheer up --
maybe you do just need to learn to drive out there-- you have become much more independent than "he" is used to seeing you-- ladylike, was not the word he should have used.

anyhow-- drive-- get out, without depending on him to get you there or make or break your day.
remember YOU are the one that tells me pretty much the same thing.
it's up to you.

try lifestyle changes before a med change-- ugh. i always go to a med change first-- and -- just ugh.
even i hate bein around me.

ok-- i'm leavin.. for real this time

go get a oompah loompah suit-- or a damn gortex rain / wind cold weather suit from a sporting goods store--- it'll make all the difference ! hell even carhartts ! i know they aint sexy-- but they're warm.

ok, i'm gone-- cat's still cryin.

SOUL: said...

omg-- get rid of that shit-
thats why i dont like to talk here--
it's so "censored" -- ugh

Anonymous said...

Once you get Cavuto, everything else should improve. Do try to get some antidepressant from a doctor. Men! Have you found the channels for some good tv shows? Keep looking! aj

Design PR said...

Did you get my 2 batches of photos?

It's freezing and expensive here. I'm probably going to go home to a $500 balance on my credit card... weee!

Nobody in ian's house drinks coffee, so I have to drink coffee flavored energy drinks.. that is if I remember the previous day to buy one. They are reminiscent of coffee, but they are not hot and delicious!

We went snowboarding again yesterday here in town. It was all icy and dangerous. Fortunately I did not break my wrist!

They have a very comfortable couch with a down comforter. Man, that thing is amazingly warm! It's probably 60 degrees in here and I don't freeze when sleeping!

I love earplugs! They are the best invention ever.

Love you Ma! Get chipper! There's a lot to gripe about, but there's also a lot to experience. I feel myself turning into a grouch as I rack my credit card up out here, but hey.. it's only money that I don't have :)

Before you know it, your cat will be out of the metal clank and we'll all be planning our summer trip! Stop crying so you don't have to bring those bags under your eyes to Arkansas :)

Brad said...

Hang in there baby - It will get better. Sorry I've been AWOL but I'm back in the office now blogging for my pay!

Anonymous said...

Your hub shoulda dropped you off at the door if it was cold. Tho a brisk walk is good for the health, one needs to be properly dressed for it if it is cold. The pubs are not as spensive as the restuarants. Find out where the natives go when they go out to eat. It won't be as spensive. We do miss you, so yes, somebody does. Good luck with Cavuto. He has fur and doesn't get as cold as you do. G5

desert dirt diva said...

Everyone one has said everything and i can not think of one thing to say...how was your new years...i tried to call you BUT your phones are not working ....so call me.. happy new year.....maybe you should get something diffrent than that efexor....hmmmmmmm e-mail me call me....
love me

Golden To Silver Val said...

My heart just breaks for you. No one deserves to be so unhappy and so far away from home. It happened to me once and although it was only for a few days, I still have nightmares over it. At this point, I'm almost thinking it would be better to send Cavuto home if you find someone that will care for him...but then it will eventually break THEIR heart to let him go when you come back. Seems as though there isn't a quick solution to this unless the chip magically appears. Have you checked EVERY inch of his body? Just checkin'.
Hope your days get better.....and soon! Hugs!

ac said...

G5 is right. Pubs are way less expensive and the food is usually good.

Would they let you bring Cavuto a wool blanket or nice down pillow to curl up on?

Hope you are feeling better. :) Happy New Year to you, hubby and the kitties too! ac

Dear Liza said...


Meant what I said about Cavuto.