Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who's Larry?

Hi Ya'll,

Yesterday they took Cavuto to the vet to be ex-rayed,naturally...they were unable to pin him down and pose him. lol Like he was going to allow THAT! So, he had to go back to starve all night so he could be sedated this morning for the ex-rays. I should get a call after they find out if the chip is still there. We are all just a wreck.

Apparently this happens a few times a year. The chips can migrate and sometimes come out all together. If that is the case, he would have to go back to the US and do the entire 6 month process and wait ALL over again. PLEASE PRAY THAT THEY FIND THE CHIP.

The big deal to insure the same cat has been through all this sh*t, is because the UK is rabies free. They don't want our stinkin' rabies!

When I spoke to the lady (one of the many times) yesterday,I asked her how Cavuto was doing. She said "He's just as happy as Larry"
Whatever that means.LOL


My plane.I was trying to see them load the cats. But didn't. I imagined all kinds of horrible things going wrong.Oddly ,someone's chip dissapearing was NOT one of them.

London heathrow,and some teenage fashion plates.

Notice anything odd and confusing?

Our little car,seemingly has never been washed.

Check those flavors!

I have not tried any yet.

A pretty nifty outhouse at the animal reception center.

Pretty fancy for an outhouse.

THIS was horrifying. Every time a car was coming towards us I felt like we were about to have a head on collision.

You think my husbands driving is scary in the US......wooo...you ain't seen scary yet!

Yesterday I cleaned the house all day long.Now that it is as normal as possible ,maybe I'll have some time today to recap my trip.

I did walk to the store yesterday too. I aksed some lady on a bike which way to go. She didn't stop , just yelled it out to me as she sped by.

I was also equipped with wool coat, fur scarf, and ear muffs. It was still freezing!

I found a duvet cover for our bed and got very few groceries. I need to go to some better stores. Hubby had to go out of town yesterday,so he got home late.

Depending on what we hear about Cavuto ,today he may come home and get me at lunch time and drop me off to shop in Portsmouth. Hopefully ,I'll be able to go see the baby too.
Not really sure if that's a good idea or not. (for him or ME)

If the video tour didn't work for you, try it again. It seems fine now.

I'll be back latah dahlinks.

Have a great day ! Don't forget those prayers!

luv me

oh, P.S. My son tried to call my cell phone last night. It does not work. It won't even let me retrieve the voice mail.

So until we get the vonage set up.....email is the way to reach me.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy you made it there in one piece...I'm praying for your Cavuto.
Poor baby...
I just got your blog, is the time correct?
Did it take a while to get here??
It got here at 11:30 pm.
It said you posted at 1241 am.
love ment.

Mary said...

You surely are having to adjust to a lot of changes really fast.

I'm so sorry for the fine mess poor Cavuto finds himself in. I never heard of a chip coming out. Poor baby, poor mommy. I think I'll take Zinnia (our cat) to the vet and be sure hers is still in place.

I watched your video this morning. The new home will be much better once you get organized and the whole thing gets your touch. It is small but 'do-able' all except the closet situation.

My friend, I'm so sorry for this mess with your baby. I know everyone is concerned and stressed. I'm sending up a sincere prayer for you all.

Anonymous said...

How many hours difference in time? Still amazed about Cavuto...you have to be worried sick. I know how I'd feel if it were Rocky! Do you have just the one couch or a chair also? I still like the little apartment. aj

Anonymous said...

Do they have 'Larry, the cable man' over there? aj

Brad said...

Leave it to Cavuto to lose his chip. I hope it wasn't at that stripper bar I took him to last time you were out of town.

I'm sorry this is happening sweetie. We're all saying kitty-cat prayers.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh nooooo....this is horrible! I know I would be half crazy if this happened to my pet. If Cavuto has to be sent back....who would take him? And how long are you going to be over there? I would be a mess since I hate changes of any kind. I know you will have your place looking cute and cozy in no time though. It definitely needs your touch!!! We'll all keep praying for Cavuto...that he will soon be with you all. I know the other cats miss him too. I just don't understand why they can't test him and chip him over there, instead of sending him all the way back. Sigh...just more red tape. Fingers crossed! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

update please about Cavuto.....aj

American Mom In London said...

Welcome to England!

As the Brits say, I hope everything with the cat "gets sorted" :-)


Glad you're not private anymore!! Sorry to hear you're not in the US but glad to know you made it there safely.. I'm sorry about your mew though...I can't imagine.

Be well!
I'll be back.


desert dirt diva said...

the poor baby, cavuto, do they even let him out to strech his lilttle paws....gosh the poor baby is proably going nuts.....will they let you visit him????

yes and what a culture shock it must be....your apt, condo, flat what do they call them is a defanent change.....
thing will turn out fine!!!! but then again that damn curse that runs in your family....i'm praying for your baby......
love me

Anonymous said...

We are all Cavuto watch and are praying that the bureaucrats will let him go home with you. Don't be like me and daydream while driving down an empty road - you will soon find yourself driving in the right lane like I did couple times. A car coming at you honking its horn and blinking its lights wakes you up real quick so you can jump back into the left lane. G5

Smocha said...

Thanks guys for your prayers and comments. I will cover these in the update here, in a minute.

Luv me