Friday, December 12, 2008

Farewell my friends..........

Hi Ya'll,

Well, my husband is hilarious. He instructed me to disconnect and return our cable boxes.

( only the tip of the iceberg that was back there)

Ha ha.

I had to have my neighbor Lake Farmer come figure out how to do it.

Thanks Lake Farmer!!

I take the cable boxes back and THEN the morons inform me "oh we can't turn off your cable until you bring your modem back too"

"oh thanks for NOT telling me that on the phone , 10 MINUTES AGO!"

So, I must now try and figure out how to get that off of here and my computer will be no more.

I will check in with ya'll ,tonight at Souls.

I was up until 10 last night trying to finish getting ready. I was hoping to be done long before then. So I could sit and relax and call my chilluns. BUT noooooo.

Note to Chilluns: I will call you guys today, some time. Love mom

Cavuto is practicing . Too bad once the door is closed ,he HATES it in there.

I have to go get my rental car, take all 3 cats to the stinkin' Vet ,return my flippen modem, load the car, and then I will be on my way.

For my wonderful 6 hour drive to Souls house.

Then off to England tomorrow.

(nerves clanging)

Wish me luck peeps!

Have a great day.


Luv me


Anonymous said...

I am excited for you....
how exciting.
Call me. Even if its for a minute I want to tell you in "person".
Love me.

Anonymous said...

I miss you already...
Floozie 2

desert dirt diva said...

woo hoo first again, well i just talked to you be happy, your about to go on an adventure of a life time...just think you get to visit your sister, and in 2 days you'll be in cool is that i ask you??? very and you'll finlly be livin with your husband, full time (for the most part)..i'm happy for you.....
love ya

bonnie said...

Hope all went well for you. Scrolled but didn't find where you are before moving.

Anonymous said...

Drive safely and fly safely. Best wishes to the cat babies for a smooth trip. Hope your boil gets treated, espec. after driving on it for 6 hours. Ugh! We will miss you and hub. G5

Brad said...

Have a great and safe trip honey! We'll be looking for a post soon!