Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh sister Dear,have I got an ornament for you....

Hi Ya'll,

Well, here it is LAST day before I leave.

*hear my knees knocking together from nerves*

Last night Floozie2, Nosey and me went out to dinner at Outback.We had a delicious Wallabedurned.Actually, I had 2 . They brought my food ,covered in mushrooms after I had requested "no mushrooms" . So our nice waiter brought me a second one for free:)

I've been on my starvation diet for so long ,which includes NO dinners...I felt like I was doing something really BAD , eating in the evening.

After dinner we went to see the movie

Four Christmases.

I just read the reviews on Rotten Tomato ...A perfect example of why I hate and never trust movie reviews.
The reviews were awful!

We laughed our asses off. I thought the movie was adorable. If you have any dysfunctional relatives at all, you will love this movie.

I thought Reese Witherspoon was the cutest little crumb of a girl and Vince Vaughn (while no Hotty) was great as her giant boyfriend.

If you don't like this movie ,you are a big stuffy scrooge and you may as well go hide in your closet so you don't ruin any one else's holiday season with your dreary presence.

Go see it! you can buy it for me too, when it comes out on DVD. lol

Thanks for the date girlfriends! I'm gonna miss you guys :(

It was nearly 10 by the time we got home. I stayed up until midnight ,trying to finish the book I am reading. Naturally, my husband calls me and wakes me up at 5 this morning. GAH!

I went ahead and got up ...and what to my horror do I feel?
Oh Lord, NO , don't let that be a pain in the ass I am feeling.

Yep, you guessed effin boil is coming back!!!!!!!

Oh sister dear, please find and sterilize your exacto knife before I arrive tomorrow .
You are the lucky winner who gets to lance my boil .You may also want to consult with
Dr. Google on HOW to do the ..uh surgery.

I wish I WAS kidding. I can not go on a long flight with that THING!

Lucky for's not THIS bad. It only feels like it.

Have a great day Peeps!



Anonymous said...'s starting to sound psychosomatic...(your rear).lol

I sure wish I could see you before you go.*sniff*
Be careful :[
Thank-you for posting me.

SOUL: said...

OMG.. are you serious???
ya know what's funny? ok maybe not funny-haha , funny-- but kinda strange , funny--- i used to have a single suture kit-- ummm, just in case. ummm. shut up-- you're the one who mentioned the exacto knife.
but anyhow-- i got rid of both some time ago. unfortunately for you.

i don't know nuthin bout birthin no ass boils anyhow.

anything for you tho babe.

what time is your flight out anyhow? are we gonna have time to do anything? besides slice your ass open, that is.

luv me.

SOUL: said...

i really hate this blog approval shit -- ya know

Bonnie said...

have a safe trip! i can't wait to hear about your adventures over there...

Brad said...

Hi ya sweets! sorry I've been AWOL - Have a great trip over and try and be excited ! it's a big adventure! I started to feel sad that you were going away but realized your not any further really - just here on my computer!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Well, certainly that THING is from stress for sure. I think you should make a quick run to emergency, put it on your VISA if you have to. Get some ointment or SOMETHING. Maybe some antibiotics too. Its bad enough you're headed for a strange land...but a girl's got to be comfy, if nothing else. So here's hoping that it either goes away on its own FAST or that you can get your hands on some meds that work. Good Luck and have a safe flight. We all can't wait to hear about your first impressions of over there.....after you breathe into a paper bag and get over your initial shock of how HE'S been living. LOLOLOLOL. Godspeed. Love Charlotte

myomyohi said...

Too bad I don't live closer. I'm quite the picker. I'd take care of that oversized zit for ya. FREE.
Try to relax and enjoy the trip. I envy your ability to move around. I wish I could make myself do the same, but I'll be more than glad to come visit.

Anonymous said...

With an exacto knife? Eeeeekkk!!! Tell Soul if she doesn't have said knife to just use a double edged razor blade. Boil in water for 5 mins before using. Heck, I have an exacto knife and I coulda opened that boil up for ya. What are neighbors for? I will be concerned about your sitting on the incision for like 12 hrs on airplanes - but sitting on the boil would hurt too. Dang, it hurts to think about it. Have a good trip if at all possible! G5

Tiffiney said...

My mother saw this movie and loved it...I will have to wait till it comes out on dvd...the last movie I saw was Twilight and that was all for my now 13 year old...surprising it was a pretty good movie...

Hope you get rid of your boil...I have never had one...and hope not to get one....the pic is gross...glad yours is not that