Saturday, December 20, 2008

The quarantine blues.....

Hi Y'all ,

We went and saw Cavuto yesterday. I managed to make it through our visit without bawling my head off. I also saw some of the neighboring cats. One was a beautiful Siamese cat and the cat right across from Cavuto has been there since July. He gets out in January.

I found this awesome website that tells you how to get from point A to point B ,every possible way. Including walking,if it is correct ,I should be able to walk to Cavutos place in little over a mile.We'll try it this weekend while hubby is home.

Cavuto was thrilled to see us. He seemed like his normal, happy self.I brought a carpet square and bungee corded it to one of his shelves. He loved it .

Didn't get to go anywhere yesterday besides quarantine and the grocery store. I hope to venture out today and actually SEE something.

This is sure not what we had planned for Christmas. ack! We will be spending zip for presents ,decor etc.

Dinner will be IT. And hopefully we'll get to go out for that.I have NO desire to cook some big dinner.

Here's a few observations I remembered from the other day:

I like the bottles their spices come in. They are square and much neater to stack in the cabinet.

When WE mimic a British accent, we do it all wrong. Try it speeded up about 10 times faster. THAT is the way they talk. Yesterday when I bought cigarettes ,I could barely understand what they were saying to me.

Everything is also metric here. If you ever want to feel real dumb , come on down:)
I finally printed myself a chart for the temperature and the time. I don't need all that extra thinking. LOL

I like my bathtub , it's really long. But the toilet seats, ugh. They feel just like some one left the lid up and there is NO seat.

Everything is really expensive. YIKES! A pack of cigarettes is over 5 pounds. I plan to (try to) quit A.S.A.P. Try, being the key word. :)

I have NO cleaning music. My new computer has no speakers. I have no radio, no cd player. All I have is my walk man thing and headphones, but then I can't hear the phone ring. It's driving me nuts! The silence.

There's no point in having the t.v. on, unless I wanted to catch up on all those episodes of Bewitched I've missed in the last 30 years. nah, I'm good.

I knew I should have brought my speakers. Damnit!


I hope to be back later today with something exciting or fun to report.

I owe everyone email. I haven't forgotten about you, I just haven't worked out my schedule yet. :)

have a great saturday !

Luv me


Mary said...

It's good to see Cavuto being happy and looking well cared for. It's also good that he's only about a mile away - walking distance. For some reason I thought he was much further from you.

Thanks for sharing the pics and video. It's plain to see Cavuto loves his mommy and daddy.

Brad said...

God I feel bad for that little guy. I say we send a letter to the Queen.

Brad said...

and by "queen" I do not mean me.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/Mary. A mile there would be a good walk plus sonething to do. I bought some kniting needles. Gonna teach myself if possible! aj

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your observations of how different things are over there than they are here. Please keep them up!

Meanwhile, my thoughts are with you. I know it can't be easy getting "established" in a new home in a new country during the holidays. Hang in there. You'll do great! I know you will.

Anonymous said...

I just know that Cavuto enjoys your visits. What a great plan! Walk 2 miles a day (to see Cavuto) and stop smoking. Wonderful! You will be skinny as a reed next time we see you. I just couldn't understand the Brits when they spoke fast - I don't do accents, but Nosey was my translator over there. She did fine. Try out dinner at a pub - they are all good. Plus, they serve all kinds of alcoholic beverages. G5