Thursday, December 25, 2008

OMG. Here it is ...02:04 o clock, what ever the hell that IS.

It doesn't matter here.

It's Christmas eve. Even though my kids are "grown" ,I am usually the only one awake , setting alll the presents out.I am still /and have always BEEN Santa.
Tonight ,there is no Santa.

I have never been sad on Christmas .until now.

Does any one even care?Does anyone miss the Christmas that we usually have?
Besides the presents, I mean.

do you miss the fun? the sarcasm? the laughter? the love?the family-ness?

I hope you remember us this Christmas , and know how much we love and miss you.

Love Mom


desert dirt diva said...

oh my friend i'm so sorry , god i wish i was there or you here or you with your kids, and damn i missed your phone calls yes the ones i've been waiting for for days.....ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!I need to e-mai u... you'll make it thhrew this christmas, and bye next christmas you'll be settled in...I love you and Merry christmas.... I'll call you in the morning which of course will be you afternoon!!!!

Design PR said...

Ho ho ho!
Of course we miss the family action!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Merry Christmas Sweetie. I know its not the best one you've had...but it will get better. Honest. xxoo

ac said...

Merry (late) Christmas and blessings to you, your family and your kitties. :)