Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hi Ya'll,

Well I got to see my baby today . I brought his bed , his toys and a blanket that smelled like us and the other cats.He was thrilled to see us.

I also brought my stupid chip scanner and kept trying to get his chip number to come up. It didn't .I will NEVER quit trying . I BELIEVE in miricles:)
I will try it every time I go there.

He was not in a wire cage , like I had pictured. I was picturing something like a chicken slaughter house. lol

He was in a tiny (floor space wise) but tall , little room. It had a shelf with his kennel on it. A plastic lawn chair , and maybe a two foot square of free floorspace. The rest had his litter box and food bowls.
It had shelves higher up, that he could get up on. But they were like laminate counter top material. I got some carpet remnants tonight to put on them. The worst thing was that the place is not heated.
Inside his kennel is a heated pad,but the room itself has no heat.

I tried to think of it as if he were "a cat",
as opposed to MY baby .....

Some cats LIVE outside or in barns......right???? Then I tried to think of the "scale" ,if he were a tiger in the" wildlife place" vicki and I went to,how small is this space? It would be about the same as the tigers .

BTW.....If you care enough to see the tigers is on my old blog (Half old girl)in May ,I believe. Under Eureka.

So, it was pretty hard. I want him to be home soooo bad. We brought his cage home and O'reilly went crazy looking for his baby.

It's already nearly 9 P.M. here ,so I must go eat my dinner. I'll finish this and get to the comments tommorow at coffee time :)

In the mean time are the pictures we took of the digs. If we weren't supposed to , no one told us. Oops, we bad.

Don't know if THIS was allowed either, but I printed THIS and taped it on Cavuto's wall.

I'm Cavuto and my nickname is Baby.

I am spoiled rotten and my family loves me very much.

I usually wake my mama up at 5 A.M. every morning because I am so happy to be awake.

She usually gives me some whipped cream after I make her get up.

I hate to be picked up except for "this " way.

I love to be held on your shoulder , like a baby.

I like to drink my water from a running tap.

A few weeks ago ,I won a photo contest on Catster with this picture of me on my boat.

Please take good care of me.


Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.

Don't quit praying for that miricle!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I know you feel a little better! It could be worse...I felt better for him but that picture of you makes me want to cry! Talk about pitiful looking! So, it'll get better. Neat that other cats could go! Hang in there. the past 6 months went by fast! aj

Brad said...

I love the idea of outing the pics up in his kennel. Now peeps will know he's not just any cat and take good care of him. Be brave sweetie - hopefully it won't be too much longer!

Brad said...

What's up with the comment moderation? Was some one naughty ?

Anonymous said...

I have looked all day to see what happened. You all look so sad. I am glad you got to see him. Be strong...they better be good to him or else I will come over there.
floozie 2

desert dirt diva said...

she will not tell us good people why she is monitoring our comments....
anyways damn this one brought me to tears.. and all i could think of is will he be the same sweet kitty when he gets i am asuming you will not be taking him back to the states for prayers are with you me when you can

SOUL: said...

i'm happy to hear you got to at least visit with him. for some reason i didn't even think about that. visitation rights. crazy. anyhow, me too, you look really sad in that pic. heartbreaking.
what's your next move?

take care of each other-
luv me

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see a decent place for Cavuto. I had envisioned a steel cage, like at a vet. It is good that you posted that on the wall, so peeps can see he is a special cat and very loved. Hope you can spring him from the slammer real soon. G5

Simonsays said...

Dammit Smocha, you made me cry AGAIN. I know he will be fine, but like you, I think this SUCKS. UGH.

I meant what I said. I will help however, us crazy "cat momma's" have to stick together, you know.

In the meantime, you know he really is okay. He's just not with you...try and have a very happy holiday season, although I'm sure you are having issues with that.


Simonsays said...

Oh yes....and I believe in MIRACLES, too. Keep scanning!!!

Sarah said...

That's so sad, poor little guy. Hope you get him home soon.

In the meantime, welcome to the UK! See you went to Gunwharf Quays - somebody should have warned you, it's always freezing there - even in the summer sometimes it seems cold.

Hope you settle in soon. If you want nicer, warmer shopping try WestQuay in Southampton - it's worth the extra journey.

Sarah x

Golden To Silver Val said...

WTH...Blogger lost my comment I think. I was asking if after 6 months of being quarantined...can Cavuto come home to you there? Also how long are you staying over there? I believe in miracles too so keep on scanning him...scan his whole body, even his tail tip. As long as you can go see him all the time and he's dry, warm and fed...I don't think he feels sadness, even though I know YOU do. Sending him back to go through all the shots all over again and the trauma of the flight seems cruel too. I will keep praying that the chip will make itself visible. After all...where could it possibly have gone if it was in him (did Arkansas check to make sure?). Good the meantime, try to enjoy the sights and keep us posted of what all is going on. Hugs!