Friday, December 5, 2008

Take my leftovers.....please

Hi Ya'll,

I am still just overwhelmed with relief!

What a week! Luckily I don't even have anything to bitch about today.

I'll finally have time to clean out my fridge and purge it of all the gross Thanksgiving leftovers.
And hopefully UPS will arrive with my shiny new Visa.

Toady is also the day that the winners are announced in "Catsters worlds coolest cat show"

As ya'll know ,Cavuto is a finalist.

With THIS picture.

The competition is pretty stiff this year.

He is up against THIS picture. Even I have to admit, that's a pretty nice picture.

Dang it!

Winners will be announced 12 noon PST December 5th, 2008!

I'll be back latah dahlinks!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I bet he'll win...
I'm glad everything is finally heading the way they're supposed to.
I'm waiting for your scrabble move, now that there isnt any crap clogging your head...If you don't, that's cool too.
I just miss the irritating stimuli.
hee hee.

SOUL: said...

i love that pic of cavuto-- he won eh? well congrats to the proud parents. :))
the other pic is cool too. did he place?
so0it's all rollin along huh... almost done . this whole thing is just weird. i never thought you would be leaving the country---- legally, and withOUT me. :O
hope the visa has no more snags.
luv me

Anonymous said...

Cavuto's pic is definitely the best. I have a hunch you will win. And, you have even more excellent cat pics - I hope you entered about 20 of them. G5