Monday, December 22, 2008

Please pass the cheer.....

Hi y'all,

I'm behind ,as usual. I went to see Cavuto Saturday and he was sick. He had a fever and was puking all over the place. They said it was probably from the "worm medicine he had been given"
I just love the way he has now been forced not once ,but TWICE to take some shit that he never needed in the first place.
They are closed on sunday , so I did not get to see him yesterday. I hope he is ok.

We did take a walk yesterday and figure out the way to get there from here.

It's about a 25 minute walk.

This was on the way there. These trails are everywhere.

The drive there takes longer than walking.
Today will be my first time walking to see him. I hope I don't get lost.

We took a drive to a town called Port Solent.

This was broad daylight!

Marina with lots of big boats.

Also a shopping center with restaurants and bars ,mostly.

Inside a place where we had some horrible coffee. Gah! I forgot how strong they make it.

I tried the "brown sauce" which tasted exactly like Heinz 57 steak sauce.
Even though my husband had lamb last night ,he was too much of a fuddy duddy to try the mint sauce.

Speaking of him, he's been about as fun and jolly as a corpse lately.

Pass the cheer, man.

Saturday I got dropped off in a town called Fareham to hit some thrift shops. They had about 6 of them on this one street.

They were small and more like little boutiques than thrift shops. Nice clothes (which I did not need) and a few household things.

I need to find the bigger ones. I saw one with furniture but was afraid to go in there because my phone was nearly dead and if hubby called, he'd never have found me if my phone didn't work.

We also went and looked at dining room furniture. I REFUSE to pay what they want for that stuff. We will wait until I find a decent "used" set.

We are using the cat crates for night stands in our bedroom. Whooo! How stylish. lol
All my clothes are in the drawers under the bed. Not one place in here to hang anything up on a hanger.
And my black coat is covered with white cat hair.

The other cats are settling down a little. But are not their normal selves by any means. Monkey goes areound screming ,and driving us nuts! O'Reilly jumps on our shoulders, lays down behind our necks and expects to just stay there.

Last night he opened the kitchen cubbord and got inside there to snoop.

He's getting into everything!

"What? I'm nosy. ok."

Have a great day peeps.

I'll be back later to get to my long neglected comments and put up some new observations.

luv me


Anonymous said...

poor cavuto! glad you can walk to see him when you want to. you should have drawn a map. cats probably miss their brother! aj ps 12 degrees here 753a. how does your temp run?

ac said...

Love the picture of the little trail you take to see Cavuto. No one does a prettyish little footpath quite like the British! ha!

Hope you enjoyed your walk and found Cavuto doing better. It's gotta be hard leaving him there when he's sick. :(

Design PR said...

You should get yourself a bicycle.
Sounds like cars are worthless and scary. 25 minute walk is nothing. (not to mention, it's good for you!) Good thing you don't have to drive 2 hours to see him eh?

Work has screeched to a halt. I've spent the entire day playing bill collector. It's been about 12% effective.

Today's Kim's birthday. We're gathering at eclipse after Scott and I play racquetball later. I believe I'll start making preparations for packing (since I have no stinkin' work to do)

I have a pimple!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Poor Cavuto. How dare those bureaucrats to give medicine to your cat without your permission! I hope some way you can spring him out of there soon. G5