Saturday, December 6, 2008

Make room on the bed, Honey , I'm coming home

Happy Saturday Ya'll,

Well, more good news. Woo hoo!!!

Cavuto won the photo contest!

This is what he wins. But that is not the point , the point is "I" never win anything. LOL
WE won!!

Category Winners

I didn't even enter until the grand prize winner has already been chosen. Damn. I could have won a camcorder.

This is Cavuto's catster page. It is linked to O'Reilly's ,Monkey'sand Stew's page as well(under my family)

Click on it.

I actually need to update Cavuto's . He was a baby back then.

On to other good news:)

My Visa arrived yesterday. With the wrong picture even ......but at this point they could have had my walgreens mug on there. I would not have cared.

I am still such a nervous wreck. Last night I thought to myself " I have been sooo frazzled for months trying to take care of all the damn details for this little adventure, I haven't even really taken time to let myself think "how do I feel about all this?"

The first thing that comes to mind is ,I am thrilled that my husband and I will be living in the same house !
It has been over 4 years since we've even lived together "full time" .
Can you imagine?

He keeps telling me how aggravating it will be to "not know where things are, and to not really know what you're doing "as far as being in an unfamiliar country.

But I think we have different "frazzle points".
When he is out running his errands HE is in a big hurry .He wants to get things done, get what he needs and get out.

I, on the other hand will be taking my time, observing(and enjoying) the unfamiliar sights, camera in hand :)

Those are not the things that will frazzle me. Having to hang my clothes on a clothesline....having a fridge the size of a grade school locker,having to iron everything,knowing that my kids are off snowboarding (or doing anything dangerous),not knowing the money,driving on the wrong side.....LOL those things are more likely to frazzle ME.

And of course lets not forget the empty apartment which looks like a hobo camp. Cardboard boxes and clothes all over the place . THAT will frazzle me.

I plan to remedy that situation as soon as possible.

I keep hearing (well ,reading) Americans in England saying "I've been here for 2 years and I don't have any friends."

I'm not really worried about that either. I'm used to my friends and my kids being far away. I will still email and call everyone that I love. We'll just be father away than usual.And I am going to have more blog fodder than you can shake a stick at.

Ok, so ...How do I feel about this ?

I'm stoked! I'm going to England you guys!!!! Yippeeeee!!!!!
I'm going to look at it like the adventure of a lifetime.

Have a great day !

luv me


Mary said...

Cavuto deserved the win. Is it Mr, Sir, or Your Highness now? He is truly a beautiful kitty.

Those frazzle points are exactly the same as Harry's and my frazzle points would be. Living in separate places is the pits, too. Been there - done that. Oh the life of the spouse of a computer nerd.

Lena, be sure to read the post I put on my blog last night. I wish everyone would read it and take note.

I'm so happy that all the necessary documents are in place and in hand. Now for the trip and the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

ac said...

Back in the 90's I spent some time in a little cottage in England. Kirtlington Oxfordshire, a tiny village north of Oxford in the Cotswolds . I wasn't there long when I met a girl who was also a knitter, spinner, weaver like me. She took me to her guild meetings and introduced me to other fiber people. One of them even loaned me a loom to play with for the time I was there.

The public transportation over there is fantastic. I took the buses and trains EVERYWHERE! To the grocery, shopping, browsing, day trips to visit a palace or a manor house. I could get almost anywhere within 100 miles and back in one day. My new fiber friend and her husband took me to France one weekend and had me around to dinner at least once a week.

I had no trouble meeting people. I thought the people were friendly and warm.

I think I read that you are a knitter. If so, you won't have any trouble meeting people. Almost everyone there knits. Knitters are the same friendly fiber obsessed people everywhere in the world. :)

You might try getting a local bus and train schedule and taking little day trips to nearby towns. I met many of the villagers riding the buses and got many dinner invitations that way. I was the strange American staying in the village. Everyone wanted to know about me. :)

The culture there is so very different from here. I found it completely fascinating. I absolutely ADORED my time over there. I think there's every chance you will too.

om my... all this talk of England is making me homesick for my little cottage. I may have to just plan a trip over myself.

Good Luck! I'll be reading to see how it's going for you over there... It is indeed a great adventure!

Sorry I wrote so much! blah blah blah! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Cavuto! And the Catster site was cute. I am so glad that you are stoked. No matter how you feel about going to England, just know that thousands of us are envious with jealousy that you will actually get to live over there. Take advantage and go see as much of England as you can - it is rich with sights and history. We found the English to be very friendly. All you have to do is be complimentary of their country and the beautiful scenery, villages, etc and not go around and say "this place is so freakin old!" They know it is old and that is its charm. Many Americans over there come off as arrogant and then wonder why they dont make friends. You are so lucky. Enjoy every minute of it! G5

Anonymous said...

When you said the visa peeps put the wrong picture on your visa, I thought "uh oh, they put some stranger's pic on it". But, as long as that pic is of you it will be OK. Wouldn't that be something after all your waiting? But we would take the boat and park it under the Hwy 7 bridge over the lake to catch you when you leaped off the bridge. G5

Smocha said...

I did read that. Wow. Ya try and do something nice . Hope you are better now that you have it figured out.

Yes, living apart IS the pits . And I'm sure it will be the pits to have to get used to being together again too. LOL We've both gotten spoiled into having everything "our" own way. ack!

Ac, your cottage sounds like a movie I saw. A girl in the US traded house with a girl in the English country side.

I ,unfortunately am NOT a knitter.Now that I know what a snood is, I wish I was. All the cool kids are knitting now a days. Maybe I can find some one to teach me in England :)

I plan to adore MY time over there too!

G5, Thanks for the congrats. Yes, I know we(Americans ) can come off sounding like snobs. I plan to behave myself. LOL

By the "wrong "pic on the Visa ,there was a discrepency about the SIZE they wanted , so i sent them 2 pictures. They just used the "less cute " one. lol
But at this point , I do not care.
As long as I got it, they can think I as ugly as a troll.(which I kind of AM in that picture)

Happy Sunday Peeps!

desert dirt diva said...

you will do just fine....and i would be soo excited to start an adventure that your about to embark on>>>>>yea foy you....just keep smiling say hi to all and you'll have friends in no time...

american mum said...

You'll be fine! I made friends straight away in England. And you'll get used to the bi-daily fridge rearranging. And the hanging out the washing, and the Innocent Smoothies... I'm feeling "homesick"! :) On the other hand, I never did learn to drive over there properly.

BPOTW said...

Congrats to the cat, but I'm so excited for you going to England!!! The experience is going to be what you make of it. And having a blog will help you make sense of it all as well.

I lived in Germany for four years (on an American base though) and I absolutely loved it. You're going to have a blast. And all the little frazzle points are just going to make it that much more real and exciting.


BPOTW said...

Congrats to the cat, but I'm so excited for you going to England!!! The experience is going to be what you make of it. And having a blog will help you make sense of it all as well.

I lived in Germany for four years (on an American base though) and I absolutely loved it. You're going to have a blast. And all the little frazzle points are just going to make it that much more real and exciting.