Friday, December 19, 2008

Discombobulated babble

Here's our Christmas tree. Isn't it lovely?
Bwa ha ha !

I'm pretty proud of it.


Well ,let me see.......what was i going to post about????

Yesterday I walked over to the shopping center.I was going to try and take the bus from there to go see Cavuto. But..the bus never came.

Hubby will be taking me to see him today.

I tried a British hamburger and some chips. The meat tasted nothing like ours. I am not sure why that is. The chips were just fat french fries. And the price....5 pounds. And that was without any thing to drink. I got a diet coke at the grocery store cafeteria . No ICE. Not one cube.
The kid told me "we don't do ice."

Here's some other observations:

Our washing machine takes 2 hours to wash one load of clothes.

We must have some very hard water here. My hair is like hideous dead straw and will not even comb right. ack!!

I like the refrigerator. It's about 7 feet tall but narrow, so it take up less floor space.

The cheese here is awesomely delicious!! Even O'reilly goes crazy ,wanting some. He usually only likes asparagus and turkey.

I have no idea what day it is, or what time it is. EVER. And the money.....people could be robbing me blind when they give me change. I 'm totally clueless.

Last night I watched House. That is the first tv show I have seen since I've been here. the selection of shows is beyond awful!
(someone please tell me how to watch my shows online)

Yesterday I had tons of stuff I was going to tell ya'll and now I can not remember any of it.

I am dying to get to a thrift store. They have gads of them, but so far I haven't been able to venture out anywhere. I think I will be able to take a bus over to some of them.

Months ago ,when my spouse bought a bed they brought the wrong bottom part. We ordered the one with drawers in it. They are FINALLY bringing the right part today. So I am stuck here waiting for them. gah!

My schedule is really screwed up here. At home , I sit in my office have my coffee and smoke ,as I update and do my email. Here, I sit here for a while then have to go downstairs under the stove vent to smoke. At home I also have my cleaning routine down pat. I am usually done by 11 and ready to go eat lunch and run my errands. It is taking me longer to clean this little cracker box than it does our condo.

Our car is a diesel stick shift. Can you imagine driving on the wrong side of the road, with the steering wheel on the wrong side and also trying to shift with your left hand? HA! It will be a miracle if I ever drive !

Our only Christmas decor. Ho ,ho ,ho.

Here's the front of our house.

And how about some of this? You know you want some!

I haven't figured out what you're supposed to do with it, but the store has tons of it.

Ok, I'm off to go smoke. I'll be back latah'

Thanks to all of you who offered to watch Cavuto for 6 months. If we happen to win the lottery or something I may take ya up on it. :)

Have a great day peeps!


Smocha said...

oh, P.S.
if you haven't read the poem my sister just put on her blog ,you simply MUST! It's hilarious:)

Design PR said...

Haha.. no ice.
I was working on an English client's computer a few years ago and she offered me a bottle of water and asked if I wanted it cold or regular. I said "What's regular?" "Room temperature, that's how we drink it in England."

So weird.

At least you can make ice at your house? How can they serve alcoholic beverages without any stinkin ice!?

Anonymous said...

For O'Reilly and Martha Stewart, the only shows I've ever watched on line, just www. name and .com . you could google the shows name and do a search that way. Now on Thursday night they have hours of snapped. aj

Brad said...

Mmmmm. Goose fat. Who can't get enough of THAT!

I'm sure it must be to fry your kippers in.

Any chance of finding a friendly neighbor to show you the ropes of the neighborhood? I'd be going nuts about now if I were you!

Peace baby! Hang in there!

Bonnie said...

you can watch a bunch of shows on ew, goose fat...

Sarah said...

Goose fat is the best thing for roasting your potatos for your christmas dinner :)

Design PR said...

Goose Fat FTW!

Anonymous said...

That's right ....neighbors. If they haven't (which they should), go to your neighbors, introduce yourself, etc. Seals next door came here first but I went to all my other neighbors. You can find out loads of info and make good friends like you did here. aj

Anonymous said...

As for the bus and markets, do not hesitate to ask a native. They are very helpful in giving info, directions, etc. And, find out where the natives go to eat (usually at the neighborhood pub), and you will find the costs to be realistic. 5 pounds for a burger is ridiculous and the Brits really don't eat them much. Go for bangers and mash. It's a lot better for you. G5

ac said...

oh goose fat how I miss thee...