Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pass the tropics.....please....I beg you

Yeah, woo freakin' hoo. Happy new year!

No matter what you did last night ,I'm sure it was more exciting than our new years eve.

We ate some fish and carrots. I took my NyQuil and was in bed by 8 o'clock. Hubby sat around and watched lame t.v. shows.

I was awakened from my NyQuil coma at midnight by the sound of yelling and fireworks. I didn't wake up enough to open my eyes. Hubby said it woke him up ,where he had fallen asleep on the couch and he thought the lights were from police cars. He stumbled on up to bed.

Don't be jealous y'all . God don't like ugly :)

I have not gotten out of my pajamas today. Quarantine is closed ,so I have had a day of rest and laziness. I have been sick for about a week now.

Tomorrow ,I finally have a doctors appointment. Naturally my boil is almost gone now. LOL
Doesn't it figure? I do need to go just to make sure I get my meds refilled and all that fun stuff. But ,OH the joy of walking to my appointment. NOT!

Saturday we are going to London because we're going to buy a t.v. ,a DVD player and a t.v. stand from a fellow blogger who is moving back to the states. I told her we would buy it before the quarantine crap happened.

Speaking of which, yesterday I took a bus and a train to check out an area called Cosham. Then hubs was to pick me up at the train station at 2:30 and we'd go see Cavuto.

The area was pretty rundown-ish. And it was the coldest day YET! I was out there walking around from 10 to 2:30 and even the stores I went to had the doors wide open and NO heat.
I literally felt like I was going to die from coldness.

I think ones body gets a temperature "set point" in childhood. (Really)
My husband was a little kid in Columbus Ohio.....freezing his ass off ,in snowsuits and mittens and not knowing any different.
When "I" was a little kid I was on the beach in Puerto Rico wearing a snorkle mask ,flippers and my token orange bikini.
I never got used to the cold weather in Chicago for 6 years. And I will never get used to it any where else either. It hurts me!And I loathe it!!!!!!!
He thinks nothing of it.

Oh , I digress..... so he picked me up and we went and saw Cavuto.He was thrilled to see us ,of course. And his hovel was freezing cold. I could not even take my gloves off while we were there.
Yesterday was Cavutos birthday,BTW, he was 3 years old.

I want to thank you guys from the bottom my heart ,those of you that have offered to take Cavuto for his 6 months.Really, I wish it was that easy to just send him to one of you.But it is MUCH more than that. He (and YOU)would have to do all that strict Vet stuff all over again , and that damn paperwork (which nearly killed me ) AND for all I know, there could be something in Cavutos own body chemistry that makes him reject the microchip. After all that, it could happen again. Then the quarantine would still be mandatory.
I do have "the curse" remember, so I just think the risk is too big.
So unless things get really dire, I have to say THANK YOU so VERY much, but for now we will try to stick it out.
Believe it or not ,the entire thing would be much more bearable if it wasn't so damn freezing!
We have had Cavuto since he was a tiny baby . He has never experienced anything but comfort ,love and happiness.

Also, I wrote to the makers of his chip shortly after this happened. Since then, I have re-sent it to them about 5 times. I have not heard ONE word from them. If you have your pet micro chipped with an AVID friend chip and you're feeling all secure ......DON'T.
Not only do you not know if the chip will work, but the company does not even have the decency or caring to answer you if something goes wrong.


I know I have been such a downer lately. But I have just had the wind knocked out of me so badly. I stayed behind for 6 months with the cats so this WOULDN'T have to happen. Then I get here and WHAMMO! Take that ,curse girl! So, there I am an emotional wreck, oh here...get sick and here...lets have a frekin cold snap too....oh AND lets throw Christmas and New Years in there too. So, quarantines CLOSED.

I hope to pull myself together soon.I know I am wayyyyy behind on ya'lls comments too.
I promise ...I'm going to catch up as soon as I can.

"Oh, I'm so fun and beautiful."


"I'm a bad boy and I want my baby!"

I hope you guys had a great New years . I will still have to think about a "new years post"

It's time for my Nyquil .......and I have to cook dinner....bleah;(

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I like your hair color... and you look good in pink! Hope you get well soon! It was in the 20's here last night. Got kids yest. Friends mother dying so Rachel and went went to pbluff hospital to see her. nap time (151p) aj

Mary said...

Bless your heart, Smocha. I know this is a living hell for you. . well, maybe not hell - it's too cold for that.

I hope you find some pleasure in your trip to London. At least it'll be something to distract you for a few hours. Remember to take your camera and ask hubby to please slow down so you can take pictures for your blogging friends to enjoy. If he does, thank him for me.

Meantime, try to stay warm.

Meg said...

I just wanted to say my heart is honestly hurting for you going through what you are with Cavuto. I didn't stay behind with my cats (in NC) but they get to come to me in Feb or Mar hopefully. I hope nothing goes wrong with their HomeAgain chips.

Also, I see you mentioned your hubby being from Columbus,OH -- that's also where I am from! Small world.

Hope you're feeling better soon. xx

Anonymous said...

Well, it is encouraging to see that you are bearing up - cept for the cold and the boil. Hang in there girl. Spring will bring warmth and Cavuto can get sprung. It is good that cavuto is healthy, getting enuf to eat and has a heating pad. Here's hoping your health probs can be over pretty quick. Happy New Year! We all (dau and family were here) just sat around and drank champagne and watched Dick Clark (he is 79 and speech impaired from his stroke). But - we killed the bottle and went to bed happy in 2009. G5

ac said...

Hope you are feeling well enough to have a nice time in London. Happy Weekend... since you are already having it and I am so NOT. ha! :)

Dear Liza said...

Oh honey...

I understand. But I would gladly do the paperwork...but yes, I understand why you think it's best to just wait it out. Better days ahead --- I swear.