Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now that I've seen Hugh Laurie naked, what's left?

Blogger Hi ya'll ,

I got some DVD's at the library of a British comedy series called "Forty Something". Starring Hugh Laurie. (Dr. House) It is hilarious! Him and his wife are a 40 something couple with 3 young adult sons.One of the sons is screwing 2 sisters, their dad is after Hugh Laurie, he thinks his wife is a lesbian ,the kids fight (like mine) and he's having a midlife crisis.
The neighbors could probably hear me cackling. THEN...what to my shock ,do I see? That's right....Hugh Laurie, buck naked!OMG! It was like seeing my brother buck naked!

Why wasn't this on TV in England? Rush out to your library and get the DVD's . You won't be sorry.(except for that naked Hugh Laurie thing)

Our cold snap ends today. Woo hoo!!
I stupidly left all my warm coats in England. I feel like I must go walk .Our mall is so dinky I have no desire to go walk around that thing. I'd have to make about 50 laps in there.

I've been checking the paper for jobs since I got home and guess what? There aren't any!
It's horse racing season down here, usually one of the busiest times of the year. This is awful.
Who wants to hire a socially phobic ex-Realtor with no recent job references ? Oh , wait ...I hear them lining up outside.

My kids are going through job hell as well. One wasn't paid what he was supposed to be paid. One is barely working at all. Naturally ,THIS is when his car breaks down. Ack!
And the one with his own company ,needs to hire a leg breaker to get people to pay what they owe him.
What is Obama gonna do about this??? Hmmmm???

I've had no luck finding a geek yet. Did you know that "geek squad" is through Best Buy?
I didn't know that. WE do not have a Best Buy. They are building one as we speak. That is not helping me.

I can't tell you how glad I am to have t.v.,phone and internet back! Speaking of luxuries, you know what the most noticeable one is ,since my return?
Being able to wash my hands in warm water.That's right! Warm water comes right out of my faucet.
Not having to fill ice trays or hang laundry in my living room is pretty cool too.

Some comments to ya'lls comments:

Brad said...Try a very wet wash cloth on that boy before you risk life and limb on the full submersion bath. I use it on Lilly when she's been playing in the goat barn.

So what's the plan on getting the rest of the clan home?

I already tried that. His fur is just not fluffy. He looks like white trash. LOL
It could be that he grew a winter coat in that hell hole and THAT fur may just look scroungy ,like when they have baby fur.

The rest of the clan will be staying in England. Hubby will come home this summer for vacation and Cavuto and I will go back to England after vacation. His quarantine will be over mid July.

Anonymous said...

All the years I was married to hubby #1, I'd board my dogs when we'd go out of town. They were always very happy to see me. Until I saw the difference in Cavuto, I never dreamed they'd grieve so much!

Animals can lose the will to live and will literally starve themselves to death. I have seen it happen. Years ago, someone gave us a long haired Siamese cat named Ivy.My mother gave Ivy to a man at the gas station. About 3 weeks later she saw the man and asked about Ivy. "Oh , he's still in a cage ,the man said, acting miserable and unhappy."
He gave Ivy back to us. ...nearly dead. In spite of going to the Vet and being given i.v. fluids. Poor Ivy did not make it. His spirit had been broken and it was too late to save him.
That was NOT going to happen to my Cavuto!

Mary said...

Cavuto is really thin. Prison food didn't measure up. Also, I looked at the "blood draw" site under his chin. That looks a bit excessive for just drawing blood. Prison didn't agree with this little man.

He DOES look just awful!When they did the blood draw they shaved a little area on his neck and I think they nicked him with the clippers. In THAT environment,it soon turned into a huge crusty scab.If they had shaved the spot where they inserted his microchip ,maybe the damn thing would have gone in deep enough to have stayed there. Gah!

Poor Cavuto! He sure looks emaciated. I think he must have lost all his appetite AND didn't like the prison food. Poor baby. I know you will fatten him up in no time. Every time Cavuto curls up for a nap in the daytime, go rub his face. Every time. Then at night he will be so tired he will sleep and not wake you. I would like to be a fly on the wall when you go talk to your vet about that mythical micro-chip. G5

I think he was too sad and cold to eat.Yesterday afternoon ,every time he tried to go to sleep I got him up and sang "No sleeping, no sleeping!" He must have thought I was nuts , But he did sleep until 4 A. M. this morning. I'm positive I will be getting a NEW Vet . Even if I have to drive to Dallas to find one!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you complain about everything? You must have something that is good in your life...what happened to the blog you wrote that said that you would be thankful for things back in the states, after you had been in England?
It sounds like you need to get something to do to make your life nicer.

I have plenty that's good in my life. But I think that since wounds hurt when they are fresh, I have every right to feel sad that my family has been ripped apart over some bullshit.And since this is MY blog I guess that gives me the right to say so.

Blogger desert dirt diva said...

Who the heck is ano.....people seem to forget that a blog is for the sole purpose of letting out our emotions...bad times and good.. well my friend here has been going threw a most difficult time in her life with her babies and anyone who has been following this blog CAN clearly see how awful CAVUTO looks..don't worry a few bowls of whipped cream and he'll be get off your high horse and give this women a damn breaK!

I do the love the new scratching post....of o'reilys,.
and everything will be alright its just the family curse....give it time...

January 28, 2009 8:11 PM

Amen Girlfriend!!! Love you!


How could this not make me flaming mad?

L: Cavuto before quarantine

R: after with his sides all sunken in.

Before, beautiful and healthy.

After, I don't think I need words here.
Even his eyes do not look normal.

After: fitting in that crumb of a bed.
Looking dry and mangy.

Before: spilling his fat happy self out of his girl bed.
Shiny , pretty and happy.

Have a great day Ya'll!

Luv me


Dear Liza said...

Who is anonymous! Hmmm..think he/she might need an attitude adjustment?

I would feel the same as you Smocha, what has happened is not right. Poor kitty, poor you, poor hubby and other kitties. UGH.

I hope these next few months pass quickly and happily for you.

Hugs, friend.


Mary said...

I have a geek son and a geek husband. I wish we were close enough to send one over to your house to sort out the geeky stuff.

It's just heartbreaking to see Cavuto. Is he eating a reasonable amount now? Those people (chip mfg, vet, and quarantine)put this baby through torture. Mommy, home, and lots of love will help him recover.

Anonymous said...

I WAS not 'that'anonymous! Cavuto would have surely died had yall stayed , or he, stayed. aj

desert dirt diva said...

mary she is a great lady one that can be trusted , who just needs a good geek.. send your boy on

my god that poor thing does look awful... well he'll be right as rain in no time!

ac said...

I don't know if Cavuto would have survived his ordeal if you had not brought the little guy back. He doesn't look so good in those after pics. :( Having the option to bring him back must have been a Goodsend to you! You'll have him looking and feeling better in no time! ac

Brad said...

I feel your sons pain. We're having to insist on payment at time of service for residential calls. I know it's tough out there but folks have to pay for services rendered!

Anonymous said...

It is so good that you got Cavuto out of there. He is just skin and bones. You prolly saved his life. I am no geek, but if I just wanted to watch TV, I would unplug all those RCA cables and just plug in the coax cable from the wall into the back of the TV and plug the power cord into the outlet and voila! TV. The TV has its own sound so you would have sound. Put all the RCA cables into a box and save them for hubby. Fish farmer or I could then show you a simple way to hook up the DVD player to the TV without the RCA cables. G5

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you kept the blue water masthead on this blog. The pic is beautiful and makes me want to jump in for a swim. G5

Anonymous said...

Yes forty something was a great series and Hugh even directed quite a few of the episodes. It was on TV in the UK about 5 or 6 years ago but I have never seen it again.