Monday, January 5, 2009

I am the luckiest old bag in the world...

Hi Y'all ,

I'm a few days late ,but here's my New years post.

I always try to be grateful for everything I have .And that includes my family and friends. I am always grateful for them. But apparently I have not been as thankful for other things as I thought I was.In reality ,I have been going around every day taking a multitude of things for granted.

So , for this new year I will be even MORE thankful.

I will be glad when all my cats are in the middle of everything. The way they should be!

I will be thrilled every time I get in my truck ,10 feet away from my front door and am able to just drive where ever I want to go.

I will look at my washer and dryer with a newfound love and appreciation!

When I put on jeans that are not stiff, I may even hug my dryer.

I will smile every time I see my hot water heater ,which holds enough hot water for an actual bath.

I will no longer bitch every time I have to unload my fullsized dishwasher.

I will rejoice in the good old american braodcast system and the thousands of choices they have layed out before me.

I will cherish my blender with it's handy dandy food chopper.

I will no longer complain that my overstuffed , walk in closet is too small.

I will clean with joy, my double sink!

I will relish every morning with my golden girls!

I will bask in the warm glow of my t.v. every weekend , as I watch hours of "I love Lucy"

I will be thankful every time I am able to sit at
my husbands parents old table.

I will never again say that my house is" too small".

It has never looked more beautiful to my eyes.

I will thank God every day when THIS is my view!

What an ingrate I have been. No more of that !

Happy New year peeps!

Some comments on ya'lls comments:

Are cats like dogs!? Dogs (according to The Dog Whisperer) don't acknowledge the past, they only live in the present in which case Cavuto wouldn't be missing his old life even if he was a bit pee'd off about his situation now

I have heard that as well, but I’m not sure I believe it. Their memory seems to be too good for that to be true. And …if that were true wouldn’t they be just as thrilled to see you after an hour, as opposed to when you’ve been gone for a week? I wish it was true.

Is there a way to leave him a mirror so he wont feel alone (I probably sound silly, but if it helps "_.

Haven’t asked about a mirror, but I think I will. I can’t even find MYSELF a mirror around here yet though. LOL

Is coming back here with him still an option? Then what? Would you have to be here for six months...and have him rechipped- of course, and fill out all the paperwork, but then you could take him back and he could go home with you? Would you bring the other kitties back home, too?

When they first took him away ,at the animal reception center, the choices were ,quarantine or take him back home .I am not sure yet what all that would entail .They have already re-chipped him and redone the rabies vaccines.So, I am not sure what all would still have to be done. But he would have to be gone for the 6 months .If I did go home, NO , I would not take the other 2 back with me. They would stay here with their daddy.

Hubby may be a terrible tourist but he does understand how you feel about Cavuto's being in prison. This is a hellish situation. Would Cavuto face the same situation coming home? Would his present chip suffice for entry?

Yes, he may not crack up bawling as easily as I do (lol) but he does love the cats like I do. He has been gone most of Cavutos life, so far. So he just doesn’t know and love him like he does O’Reilly. But he KNOWS that I do.

I am hoping that this chip remains in his body. If so, then yes, it would work to get him back in this country.(6 months from now)

Listen to Sarah..I agree. Just about a month has passed, hasn't it? Hang in there;

Actually, it’s only been 22 hellish days. The thought of over 5 more months to go, is hideous.

P.S. so you did not get to stop in any of those wonderful shops....were did you stop...heck even if your not a tourist you still gotta explore....when you learn how to drive , you can go explore.....have you driven yet?

Ha! NO we did not stop anywhere. You funny me. J We went directly to the gals house, bought the t.v. and stuff and then came home.

Yesterday was my first driving lesson. It was just around a big empty parking lot. And I owe hubby an apology; he wasn’t all hateful and grouchy with me. :)

The car is a stupid 6 speed and I kept getting it in 4th instead of 2nd. But all in all, it didn’t seem as awkward as I thought it would. Of course, being out in traffic will be a whole ‘nother story.

If you did come back....what happens then?

Him and I would wait out the 6 months in the comfort of home. We’d have to re-do the vet stuff, but not the chip or the rabies thing.

How long were you all supposed to be in England?

Up to 5 years, but I doubt we would stay that long. Maybe a year or two.

And if you do come back here, how long before you can have him rechipped and head back over there? This is so confusing....I can only imagine what YOU'RE going through. What a mess! We need to order a miracle.

We would be able to come back here in June, when his 6 months is over.

YES, I would LOVE a miracle about now J

If you stay there, I would take him a covered cat bed/box. It'll help hold his body heat when he's curled up in it. Maybe put a soft throw inside it that has your scent on it. That way he can snuggle down into it, and be cozy warm.

They have a cat carrier with no door on it in there but it doesn’t look like he gets in there. There is no cat hair on the bedding in there. He does have his own cat bad sitting on the plastic lawn chair. I think he sleeps in that. But it’s damn cold in there!

Here's whatcha do:Find a stray cat. Get a large shopping bag with a zipper. Place stray cat in bag. Zip up the bag. Go visit Cavuto. Take stray out of bag, place Cavuto in the bag. Zip it up. Walk out. They're happy - they have a cat. You're happy - you have Cavuto. Oh, that's all right, thanks are not necessary, just tryin' to help.

LOL, believe it or not, I think someone already tried that. When Cavuto first went there I asked if I could bring O’Reilly to see him and the answer was “NO”

Apparently THAT is why. Everyone would be switching the cats.

Including me. J

Good idea though.

Happy Monday y'all!

Luv me


Smocha said...

Was it something I said?

That post seems to have gone over like a bag of rocks.


SOUL: said...

i thought you had cavuto back when i saw the pic.

yep- home looks pretty good about now huh.

it was like 75 the day we fished-- the 2nd? it's 32 today. :((

happy new year

Anonymous said...

Smocha - Your best post of the year. Hang in there. It is such a shame your beautiful home here sitting empty. But hey, how bout using paper plates? And paper cups? Pretend that you are newly weds in your first apartment. Ooh, la la. G5

Anonymous said...

It has rained here the past 3 days, temp high 20's. Ice has covered trees, bushes, etc, but luckily roads ok, Did you go see cavuto Monday> aj

Anonymous said...

430p here now. update! aj

ac said...

I loved this post. I remember having the same feelings. Being over there made me appreciate what I left behind over here. :) Awwww... Your home looks so comfy, warm and inviting. No way you could not be missing it there. Hope today was not a bad one for you and I hope tomorrow is even better. ac

SOUL said...

don't come in til after 330. i forgot. gotta get the child at 3.
maybe 2. been so long i forgot. hmmmm. anyhow-- 330 just to be safe.

ps.. it's 7 degrees here. burrrr.

Brenda said...

I know all about missing stuff, it really does make you grateful for what you had