Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Please pass a geek and a cat whisperer......

Hi Ya'll,

How in the world do I re-set my alarm cat?
Cavuto has his time zone totally messed up. Last night he tried to wake me up at 1:45 and then continued to do so for hours.

Paw in the face. "wow,wow,wow"
Paw in the mouth. "wow ,wow"

I cover my face with my arm. He pokes his foot through a gap.
Claws me in the face. "wow ,wow"

I toss him down on the floor. Try to sleep. Than he goes to the night stand and knocks the phone off the charger, spills my glass of water. Then rushes back to my face.
Paws me in the face. "wow , wow"

This has been going on every night. Which is why he never got his bath yesterday. I needed a damn nap instead.

We never got our big ice storm. It is freezing though.

Yesterday the cable guy was unable to hook up my living room t.v. because my husband has so much crap on the backs of all that stuff. The poor kid was stymied.

Remember THIS?

Yeah, I need a rent- a -geek.

I will try to find one today .


Skinny Cavuto back on his American counter.

Eating his beloved whipped cream.

Sleeping in spoiled warmth and comfort.

His neck wound(from the rabies blood draw) Healing nicely.

Scrawny baby. He lost a few pounds. It was very obvious when I put his harness on him. It was baggy.

He does look awful ,compared to his usual beautiful self.

My poor mama-less Booger with his new cat tree.

I busted out bawling when hubby sent me these pictures.

Boy ,do I miss him! So does Cavuto. There is a huge lonely hole in our environment without O'Reilly and his constant activity .

It goes without saying that we miss Hubby.

Even our little Bee-otch is missed.

This whole damn fiasco makes me so mad !
And so sad.

off to take a bath and cry a little :)

Have a great day Peeps!

Luv me


Mary said...

Cavuto is really thin. Prison food didn't measure up. Also, I looked at the "blood draw" site under his chin. That looks a bit excessive for just drawing blood. Prison didn't agree with this little man.

Try to relax and be happy that prison time is over. Concentrate on getting Cavuto back to normal. Time will pass and this will all be a memory.

Anonymous said...

All the years I was married to hubby #1, I'd board my dogs when we'd go out of town. They were always very happy to see me. Until I saw the difference in Cavuto, I never dreamed they'd grieve so much! When you get 'a round tuit' send me a b4 and after pic. I'd like to show some people but not send your blog. aj

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

do you complain about everything? You must have something that is good in your life...what happened to the blog you wrote that said that you would be thankful for things back in the states, after you had been in England?
It sounds like you need to get something to do to make your life nicer.

January 28, 2009 8:53 AM

Blogger Creative Problem Solver said...


I'm the same way when it comes to writing. Where's the fun in reading about all the hunky dory good parts of somebody's day? The true comedy comes from describing in detail the fiascoes and follies.

I'm not sure if you read the whole post, but at the end, she expressed how huge and beautiful everything is in America.

My .02

January 28, 2009 9:10 AM

Anonymous said...

Is that one comment after mine? Can't tell if it's 1 or 3. my02? aj

Brad said...

Try a very wet wash cloth on that boy before you risk life and limb on the full submersion bath. I use it on Lilly when she's been playing in the goat barn.

So what's the plan on getting the rest of the clan home?


Anonymous said...

Poor Cavuto! He sure looks emaciated. I think he must have lost all his appetite AND didn't like the prison food. Poor baby. I know you will fatten him up in no time. Every time Cavuto curls up for a nap in the daytime, go rub his face. Every time. Then at night he will be so tired he will sleep and not wake you. I would like to be a fly on the wall when you go talk to your vet about that mythical micro-chip. G5