Friday, January 30, 2009

Step into my gallery......

Hi Ya'll ,

I have nothing today. Unless you would like to hear me rant about how desperately I need a haircut.
Didn't think so.

A few weeks ago Star ,over at Start Simplified gave a little tour of some of the art in her home.

I thought it was a pretty cool thing to do and planned to do my own . Well, today is the day.
As I looked around my house, ready to take pictures of things I love,I realized that I love just about everything in this house.

The first 42 years of my life, I fondly referred to my decor as "early goodwill".This condo is the first house EVER where I started from scratch and wound up with a unified theme.(mostly)

On to the tour...shall we.

I have 2 of these. They used to belong to my dad .He was in Immigration and traveled all over the world. He collected tribal masks and statues.
I am not sure exactly where he got these but he had them on his wall as far back as my memory goes.
I love them.

My middle son made this in high school.
It's actually supposed to be turned the other direction.
I think it's awesome.

An old man in a bar in Mexico drew this.
It cracks me up the way he made "me" all cute and he made my husband a pot bellied Bob Hope.
I'm pretty sure we all had a horrible hangover at the time too.

Of course the pictures of my Chillun's .
Oh how I miss the sweet babies they once were.

I believe this is called a Zulu mask.
They were mainly worn by women in the tribe, to give them power.

I scored this one at a junk store for 15 bucks.

My trophy head :)

Shortly after moving here I had a yard sale. I made such a killing that I treated myself to this Elephant head.

I love it!

This is actually from Jamaica but it takes me back to being a little girl in Puerto Rico.

I can see the Puerto Rican beach right around the bend when I look at them.

That concludes todays tour. I want to see what you guys are loving. What's on YOUR walls?

Happy Friday!

Luv me


Smocha said...

stupid blogger moved the words all around. ack!!

Anonymous said...

I like that last picture. Can't place where it is in your home.Looks like a real print. Is it? aj

Creative Problem Solver said...

Haha. You forgot to mention how your eldest son once owned those giant masks and shipped them to you wrapped in disgusting dirty linens!

Brad said...


"I think that unless you have a penis,the answer is YES."

I will now go read todays post and deal with YOU! later....

Brad said...

Great post idea! I'm gonna borrow it. I love the one your son did. I'd pay real art money for that one. Also the Elephant is awesome.

Now, stop the man bashing, we're a sensitive lot.


Anonymous said...

The picure by your middle son is indeed awesome. It should be displayed in an art museum when you get old and want to will it for posterity. It is really good. The elephant head is most kewel.

starsimplified said...

That was fun! You definitely have a unified theme. I got a kick out of the caricature of you and your husband! Thanks for sharing.

ac said...

Love what's on your walls. The one your son did is my fave. Very nice. I think he has real talent. Love the masks. ac

desert dirt diva said...

everything everyone else said.....