Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random crap and a surprise ending.......

Hi y'all,

Is this Tuesday or Wednesday? Hmmm....Hell, I don't know.
Anyhow, yesterday I took the bus to Fareham to do some shopping and go to the library. There's a big indoor shopping center there ,but there never seems to be enough time.

Here's how it goes. I leave here around 10 , walk to the bus stop. The bus arrives and then takes about half an hour to get there. Then ,I have to be waiting for the bus back by 2 ,so I can take THAT bus and get dropped off by Cavutos place. Then I go see him and then walk home from there.

So, like I said, I barely had any time to shop. I was mostly searching for WARM things! Like turtlenecks ,sweaters and warm socks that would cover my entire body. I did not find any of those things.
But I did get a couple pairs of British jeans at a thrift store. Not sure yet if they will fit on me or not. I have no idea what size clothes I wear here.I'll find out in 2 days after they dry . lol

On the days that I do not take a bus any where I must walk to and from the quarantine place.

Like today.

Believe me, if I could get my hands on THIS outfit, I'd be wearing it!

Where was I going with all that?

Oh yeah, Monday when I went and saw Cavuto ,he looks and sounds so sad and lonely. I sat there bawling (as usual) for the entire visit.

Monday night I (while bawling, as usual) told my hubby "I can not take 6 months of it."

He said " I know ,I can't stand it either."

Look at this knucklehead.

Where could he be , to be sleeping in such contentment?

Ha! on daddy's back.

Sleeping through happy hour.

You saw it here folks.
A Crazy cat man.

Some random crap:

When I poured out my first bag of frozen spinach I found that it was frozen into these little muffin shapes.

How convenient.(for portioning)

Fancy a brew?

You know you do!

(how's that fro some crappy advertising?)

Those are actually little tiny splenda pills.
It takes 6 of them to sweeten a cup of coffee.

I'm probably dying of Splenda over dosage as we speak.

Look how short (and bland) the paper towels are.

I find myself not wanting to use them because I will run out so soon.

Ok , I saved THIS for last.

The wheels are in motion. As soon as we figure out all the details ,Cavuto and I are going home!

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


SOUL: said...

i am soooooooooo happy to hear that... really.
i know it's hard being away from your husband , but we all just know you need to be home, where you are home, and have all the luxuries of home.. and the good ole US oa A...
not to mention your poor little baby C. he really does look sad. you get that kitty back where he belongs...
and i can't wait to hear the due date of his new brother or sister--

(you know he'll need a friend.)

oh hey-- PS--
i have a very nice crusty litter robot i will sell ay for cheap-- barely used!

happy humpday !
luv me

Dear Liza said...


Like your sis, I know it's hard to be away from your hubby, but it makes me happy to hear that you (and poor Cavuto)are coming home.



Darragh said...

Awww, that all sounds really nice!

Just a note to say thanks for linking to my blog comment guide - glad you found it useful and hope you've noticed more people commenting here :)

Kindest regards and hope the cat gets home soon!


Mary said...

The news is good. I know Cavuto agrees. Hubby gets a gold star for understanding and being a real support. You must feel better already.

Design PR said...

Wow.. so what's going to happen with your other 2 cats when Dear Old Stepdad meets us in Arkansas this summer? Hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are coming back to the neighborhood. I will get Mr Rogers to get you a new sweater and tennis shoes to have when you arrive! Scott gets 10 points for this!
Floozie 2

desert dirt diva said...

this is the happiest day (almost ) of my life.. just talking to you and finding out your coming home.....i wish i could meet you at the airport, but that will have to wait till this summer...i'm so happy.. and yes that baby looks so very sad....go comment on my blog....

Brad said...

Finally, now Cavuto and I can go bar hopping again!

Are you really coming home to stay? What ever makes you happy makes me happy!

P.S. I posted for YOU!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Cavuto looks so sad and pitiful! Good thing for him but start thinking about what designpr said! Who knows, maybe they could just be boarded together for 2 weeks. aj

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I know you will be happier and Cavuto definitely will. Make a note to scan Cavuto's chip about every 2 weeks once you get him back here. Nosey says to definitely go shopping here for winter stuff. Will be glad to see you and cat back here safely. A gold star for hub for understanding. G5

Golden To Silver Val said...

Kudos to hubby for being so understanding! I hope you can work all the details out ok...also hope hubby can take care of the other two with no problems, or are you going to bring them back too so they can all be together again. Yep, coming back is the best for right being so unhappy is just not healthy. Take care. Big hugs!