Friday, January 9, 2009

I got nuthin'

Hi Y'all,

Well hubby got to go to a meeting in London yesterday. I could have taken the train up there with him. But after thinking about being trapped out in the freezing cold all day with no where to go ,I decided not to go. I'll probably regret that. ack!

Instead ,I took the bus to Fareham hoping to find a grocery store. Then I would have gotten groceries ,pulled them around with me all day and then taken the bus to see Cavuto ,then walk home.

There was no grocery store . So I just looked at some shops ,found nothing really.Oh , yeah I did find a brown hoodie . 5 pounds at the thrift store.

Then I took the bus over by Cavuto. Saw him . He was as ok as possible.He sits in my lap and pads his feet. (with his sharp claws) lol

He has some kind of scabs on his ears. I tried to take a picture of them . Ha! that was a fiasco. He would not sit still.

This is the fabulous place where I hang out. LOL
And my trusty bag.

Glamorous ,isn't it?

The splendor of it all :)


Ok, here's some comments to you guy's comments. My memory is too crappy to answer them in the comment box. :)


and i can't wait to hear the due date of his new brother or sister--

(you know he'll need a friend.)

HA HA . NO we will NOT be getting another cat!

oh hey-- PS--
i have a very nice crusty litter robot i will sell ay for cheap-- barely used!

Thanks, as sweet as that sounds ….we have 2 of them at home.

Just a note to say thanks for linking to my blog comment guide - glad you found it useful and hope you've noticed more people commenting here :)

No problem! Everyone I know likes to act like they’re so computer illiterate that they can’t comment on a blog

The news is good. I know Cavuto agrees. Hubby gets a gold star for understanding and being a real support. You must feel better already.

I DO! The past few days are my first cry-free days since I got here. Yes, hubby is a prince for doing this!


Wow.. so what's going to happen with your other 2 cats when Dear Old Stepdad meets us in Arkansas this summer? Hmmmm?

They will have a nice little British cat sitter come and check on them daily.

Are you really coming home to stay? What ever makes you happy makes me happy!

No, I am not coming home “to stay” just to wait out the quarantine. That will be over in June. I would have had to return in May because my youngest son is getting married. Then we’d all be home for summer. So Cavuto and I will come back here after summer vacation.

Kudos to hubby for being so understanding! I hope you can work all the details out ok...also hope hubby can take care of the other two with no problems, or are you going to bring them back too so they can all be together again.

Nope, they will be staying here with daddy. The expense would be too ungodly! I will be leaving hubby my huge list of cat care instructions. LOL Which he will find totally insulting, but someday he will go “ut oh, where’s that list she gave me?”


Nothing planned for today except to walk (freeze) to see Cavuto and PRAY that hubby leaves work early so he can pick me up.

Have a great day guys!

Luv me


Dear Liza said...

I love that you are coming home...and I honestly do think it's great that your hubby does understand, not all of them would. I would be just the same way you are about it. It's a plus that you can get home until the cold is are about like your sister with that, aren't you? :)

Have a good day. About ten more until you leave, is that right?

Hugs, Smocha.

Design PR said...

You are a huge cold pansy.
I can't believe you wimped out and didn't go to London! Get some more clothes and make the best of it Carl!

Anonymous said...

When will you be leaving? I still can't get over how Cavuto looks, in that picture, too! Big sad eyes. aj

Brad said...

How can there not be a grocery store? What do those people eat? Weird.

Golden To Silver Val said...

At least you'll be coming home to WARMTH!!!...and when you go should be warm THERE! Its a win-win situation! LOL.
Come visit me...I have something for you. Just what you've always ear! Just remember, its the thought behind it that matters!

Anonymous said...

Skipped London? Wow! I would walk there on my knees just to get to see it - tho we spent a day there about 10 yrs ago. You sound happier already and that is good. Won't be long now till you and Cavuto are on the great silver bird. Now that the lake is down 9 ft we have decided to do a beach cleanup and get all the shingles and crap off the rocks. We should wait for you so you can help. Bring gloves. G5

desert dirt diva said...

are they just mini marts....hey bring home some of them bacon chips... and t-bone dorritos....

Sarah said...

It's great you are able to go home, I can totally understand how you are feeling - actually no I can't because I would never put myself through that in the first place, I can't stand to be away from home for more than a week and would never move town let alone country!!

I hope that when you come back at the end of the summer you'll be a bit happier with Cavuto with you....although looking at what you're missing back home I imagine it'll still be quite hard.

And when you do come back - could you bring me some of your paper towels for me, they sound so much better than ours!!

Anonymous said...

Paper towels there better than our bounty? aj