Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hotel deluxe

Hi Y'all,

Well we didn't make it to London proper. I suppose the area we went to would be called the outskirts of London.

If you recall the way my spouse takes a trip .......

Road trip fun with Skatzi

He does not go out of the way to have fun, eat, ect...

So ,we went and got the stuff from An American mom , then we hightailed it right back home.
It's always cool to meet a blogger in person. She's only the second one I've met in real life.
Her and her hubs and adorable baby were all very nice. (Good luck in California guys!)

My spouse got home and immediately set up his new T.v. and my Lucy dvd's are on the way from Floozie 2 . Yee haw! (Thanks again floozie2 for sending my stuff!)

Here are the only sights we saw on our little trip.

Nice empty hotel.

We can get you a room there REAL cheap

Now I know where to get those middle eastern dress's I've had my eye on.

We saw the word " Halal" all over the place . Since I had no idea what it meant ,I looked it up. Even the Subway sandwich place had a sign saying "all meats are halal"

(حلال, alāl, halaal) is an Arabic term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law and custom (opposed to haraam). The term is widely used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law. It is estimated that 70% of Muslims worldwide follow Halal food standards[1] and that the Global Halal Market is currently a US$580 billion industry[2].

In the Arabic language, the word 'halal' refers to anything that is permissible under Islam.

It was like suddenly being in a different country.

My spouse kept nagging me to quit taking pictures.

Hello, I'm a tourist . Um ..NO!

We went beforehand and saw Cavuto.
Click the arrow to see the pitiful baby.

Every time we go there we are very tempted to send me and Cavuto home. We will have to decide SOON wheather we will do that or not. 6 months seems like an eternity for him to be in there.

My hubby even said "If it was O'reiily in there ,I'd be going home right now and living on peanut butter sandwiches if I had to."

Well, he will understand then if I can not bear it for Cavuto either. We will see.

I still haven't been able to get to my comments OR my NEW YEARs post. Sorry, I'm trying:)
Mr Landlord is coming today to fix our faucet so i must get busy cleaning this place up.

Have a great Sunday peeps!

Luv me


Sarah said...

Poor Cavuto....but more poor you. I suspect he's not having nearly such a hard time of it as you are - I doubt he feels the cold like you do (animals are way better at conserving a core temperature than we are) and apart from a little boredom probably isn't really suffering nearly as much as you think. Are cats like dogs!? Dogs (according to The Dog Whisperer) don't acknowledge the past, they only live in the present in which case Cavuto wouldn't be missing his old life even if he was a bit pee'd off about his situation now. Hope I don't sound like a hard-hearted bitch I'm just trying to help and I honestly think the stress of two more plane journeys and going through the whole process again would be more than staying where he is now. I do like cats and used to be owned by a beautiful black-tipped British Shorthair but I'm allergic to them so I stick to dogs these days! If it were one of my dogs in there I know I would feel exactly like you do no matter what anybody said :(

mentlgas said...

I see why you miss that sweety!
Is there a way to leave him a mirror so he wont feel alone (I probably sound silly, but if it helps "_.
Have a good day, Love, Me

Dear Liza said...

At least your husband understands, I was wondering about that....I wish there was a magic fix for you and poor Cavuto. Is coming back here with him still an option? Then what? Would you have to be here for six months...and have him rechipped- of course, and fill out all the paperwork, but then you could take him back and he could go home with you? Would you bring the other kitties back home, too? much to worry about for you. It really will all work out, and maybe Sarah is right, maybe they don't have the capacity to remember like we think they can. Perhaps the mirror would help, too?

Have a good day today Smocha.


(and Ben Gay is right...:( )

Mary said...

Hubby may be a terrible tourist but he does understand how you feel about Cavuto's being in prison. This is a hellish situation. Would Cavuto face the same situation coming home? Would his present chip suffice for entry?

Wishing you only the best and sending hugs.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Sarah..I agree. Just about a month has passed, hasn't it? Hang in there; aj

desert dirt diva said...

dang i'm with every one else.. and can you hang pictures up like o'reily's and monkeys?? just a thought...he looks sad.. you sound so's all terrible.....but like aj said you've been there a month now....

desert dirt diva said...

P.S. so you did not get to stop in any of those wonderful shops....were did you stop...heck even if your not a tourist you still gotta explore....when you learn how to drive , you can go explore.....have you driven yet?

oh call me, your phones are turned off..andf i can't make international calls

Golden To Silver Val said...

If you did come back....what happens then? How long were you all supposed to be in England? And if you do come back here, how long before you can have him rechipped and head back over there? This is so confusing....I can only imagine what YOU'RE going through. What a mess! We need to order a miracle.

myomyohi said...

If you stay there, I would take him a covered cat bed/box. It'll help hold his body heat when he's curled up in it. Maybe put a soft throw inside it that has your scent on it. That way he can snuggle down into it, and be cozy warm.

Anonymous said...

Here's whatcha do:Find a stray cat. Get a large shopping bag with a zipper. Place stray cat in bag. Zip up the bag. Go visit Cavuto. Take stray out of bag, place Cavuto in the bag. Zip it up. Walk out. They're happy - they have a cat. You're happy - you have Cavuto. Oh, that's all right, thanks are not necessary, just tryin' to help. G5

ac said...

I can only imagine how frustrating all this must be. I hope it gets better for you soon. Give Cavuto a little rub on the tummy for me next time you see him. :)