Friday, January 16, 2009

Guest post by Weis : Bike ride

Bike rideYesterday, I decided to go on a bike ride.

I put on the bike rack, threw on some thermals because it was cold, packed up the rest of my crap and drove to riverside. I parked at my friend, Kevin’s house. Unfortunately he was not home and my water bottles were locked inside his house. I shrugged it off, jumped on the bike and headed off.

It was much colder than I expected and my fingers were freezing. I missed the usual road I take through a park so I took the next one. This one had a big concrete curb, which popped my tire when I hit it. Not a huge deal. I have all the stuff I need to fix a flat. I stopped and went to work.

The cold ass rubber was not very pliable at all. Getting the tire off was a lot harder than normal. My headphone wires kept getting caught on what I was doing.. I slung them behind my neck and kept working. Finally I got the blasted tire off and pumped a little air into the tube to find the leak. My lousy stinking generic pump was not working. I tried many different configurations to no avail.

Some old dude stopped by and offered to let me use his pump. Finally I gave up and accepted his offer. I gathered up all my crap and prepared to carry my bike to his house when he spotted a little piece of plastic. It was the missing piece of the pump! I then unpacked all my crap and got back to it.

I was unable to locate the hole, though I heard it leaking. I started walking towards some water so I could submerge it. On the way over, I felt it hitting me in the face.. I found the hole! I feverishly cleaned and scraped the area surrounding the puncture and put on one of my little patches. I put the tire back on the rim and started pumping it up.

Lo and behold, it was still leaking!! The patch did not stay on or something. I decided to forget about patching it and use my extra tube. I pulled out the extra tube, removed the tire once again and then put it back on. I pumped up the tire, which took about 20 minutes with my crappy microscopic pump. FINALLY I was done with this ordeal.

As I was looking around on the ground to make sure I got all my tools and crap, I saw part of my destroyed headphones. Wonderful! I tossed the busted earbuds on the ground and took off. It seemed as though I had spent an hour fixing my dumb tire. I was only about 1 mile into a 15 mile bike ride. I was too cold and I had no music. I decided to just give up on the whole thing. I doubled back, dropped off my bike and headed to the YMCA to get a shower and change.

What a frustrating hellride it was.

Kindest Regards,
Wesley Black
Fuel Multimedia

I shall post latah today peeps!


Brad said...

Well dude, you tried. I would have given up when I found my water bottle locked up at Kevins.

superjanel said...

LOL @ Brad! Being that it was cold enough to wear thermals, I would've just stayed in bed. Kudos to you for trying though. :D