Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Ola Ya'll,

Yep ,I know I'm behind again. My email has been screwed up and my spouse has been on my computer searching for drills and stuff. If you have emailed me and never heard a word back, I probably never got your email.

Yesterday we went to a cute little town called Winchester.It used to be the Capital of England. We got there and found we could only park for ONE hour. So my husband drug me through the streets at high speed. I went into a few thrift stores, for some speed shopping. I tried to take pictures ,but while doing so without even stopping my brisk pace. So,I present to you ,the worst pictures ever taken.

If you have ever gone shopping with my husband (and some of you have) you would have that V-8 moment ,slap in the head "oh, yeah NOW I remember why I vowed to never do that again."

I could go on, (and on and on) about what he does to the shopping experience. But I will force myself to shut up now:)

Let's just see the awful pictures, shall we.

street band . there were several of these on the pedestrian street.

Boot and teapot ,hanging in dreary sky.

Winchester Cathedral.

pedestrian mob street


very old pub

Small town on the way home

The dreary English countryside on the way home


Why yes, I do feel like a bitch.


We took Cavutos crate to quarantine yesterday . They will take him to the animal reception place the night before we leave.

They also presented us with our bill.

I told my husband "you may want to have a couple cocktails before you look at it."

Besides the plane tickets home...and the pet travel much was this little fiasco?

908.29 pounds.
Which IS....drum roll please.......

$1355.80 US dollars.

Who can we sue? The Vet? The microchip company? Hmmm... I wish we could sue somebody.

I am livid!!!!!!!


You think I'm in a good mood ,you should see my husband. lol wouldn't want to. :)


Hope all's good for you guys today!

Luv me (Crabitha)


Mary said...

You can be sure that at least one person understands your shopping experience. Thanks for taking the pictures and sharing them.

An attorney can tell you if you have recourse. I believe I'd talk to one. Cavuto has had a horrible experience.

Anonymous said...

I would go see a lawyer -- the animal chacer type that doesn't charge unless you win. That's terrible! aj

desert dirt diva said...

I like those pictures....looks like you had a hurriedly good time...

Anonymous said...

Crabitha - I don't understand the one hour thing. Just go back and repark it after an hour is up. ? You took some nice pics. Back about 600 hundred years or so in England most peeps could not read, so the shop keepers hung stuff above their doors to indicate the type of shop. The boot you saw was probably over the door to a shoe store or a shoe repair company. Love the quaint looks at every structure and town. I could easily spend a year in England. Just the museums would take 6 mos to see. Well, certainly by time you get back you will have a considerable investment in Cavuto. For goodness sake, don't ever let him outside.

Dear Liza said...

Holy crap crabitha, that amount is awful! No wonder you are feeling bitchy today...and hubby, too.

I thought your pics were really good.

Have a safe trip back.


Golden To Silver Val said...

OMG...I can NOT effin' believe what they have charged you for all this...can you imagine what the total bill would have been at the end of 6 months? You were forced into this and I do think you have a chance at a lawsuit. Your most likely targets would be the vet here in the states (did they do the procedure right?) and the manufacturer of the chip (how many defective ones have they produced). And look at all the suffering that Cavuto has gone through....that alone is surely worth getting some of that money back. When you get back on familiar soil, I would definitely be burning up the phone to find out what you can do. This is just plain SICK and pisses me off big time. Looks like they've found a way to really make some money....too bad they don't spend some of it on the accommodations so your pet could at least be WARM and comfy. It averages out to about $45. a DAY...and that little room sure was not worth THAT. Good Luck and have a safe flight home, you two.

Anonymous said...

and the gardens there! I read of them and weep! I would love to see them! aj

Brad said...

If I remember my English to American translation the folks in street band are "Buskers"

"I'm flying in Winchester cathedral
Sunlight pouring through the break of day..."

ahhhh, makes me feel young again.

I'd look into suing too. But I have a feeling they all have been down this road and have their story all together. Look to see if you can, but don't throw good money after bad.


Kelly said...

That's a scary price and I would be crabby too!

On another note - being British I find myself perfectly within my rights to say that whilst I miss England and many things about it, the constant dreary weather and eternal grey skies are not on my "I Miss List"

Design PR said...

call your offspring, crabitha!

Brad said...

Is this the cage?