Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh crap....pass the cat shrink....

Hi ya'll ,

Yep, I know I'm behind ...once again. Sorry about that. There's really been nothing to report.
Hubby is traveling ,so I had planned to try and go somewhere ...fun,exciting or exotic.

Until I found out that it would take me about 2 and a half hours (one way) to get anywhere. Gah!
So,today I stayed home nearly all day and cleaned, did laundry and scrubbed the gross spots on the carpet....once I found that scrub brush under the kitchen sink.

Every time I have to hang laundry to dry in my LIVING ROOM...it takes me back to the last time I had to do such a thing.

Picture it......1980....I am married to my first husband (my childhood husband,if you will) we are in Colorado, I am 18 years old ,stuck in our motel apartment all day with my infant son,while he is at work. We are in fact so poor/broke that we have to do our laundry by-hand, in the bathtub and hang it up all over our little hovel. Including CLOTH diapers!!!!
OH the horror!

Those were SO bad ,HE had to do them :)
It was so hard to ring out clothes by hand ,he pretty much had to do all of that.
UGH. how primitive.

Isn't it funny how just NOT having a dryer can suddenly make you feel dirt poor?
Oh , ha! like YOU would know.

My sister keeps joking about us getting a NEW cat to keep Cavuto company when I go home. Well, HA! she is joking about the wrong cat.

O'Reilly is the needy one. He has gone completely nutto.

At first ,I thought it was sweet /and or cute that he wanted to be ON our backs all the time. But after being here all day .......unh-tuh...the boy has gone wacko.

I wake up at the butt crack of dawn and he has LITERALLY tried to stay on my back ALL day long.

Cavuto is able to relax anywhere.

(see example)

He gets up at 5 A.M. but could be napping by 9.

This is Monkey, since she's been here.

She's freezing her ass off and I bet she stays in this bed about 23.5 hours a day.

She's a very kinky girl....NOT!

A very BORING girl...I mean For O'Reilly.

Unbeknownst to my hubby , I have spent my evening signing him up as a cat foster parent.

Really, he'll love the idea , once HE's home all day with O'Reilly.

And who could be sweeter,than my crazy cat man, right?

Cavuto's place was closed today ;( so I was not able to go see him. Yesterday ,he was so glad to see me ,he was drooling like a St. Bernard, they had been closed Sunday too. He had been two days without seeing anyone. his voice was nearly gone when he spoke. (which he does quite often)

I forgot to say ,the other day when the Vet left ,he said " He sure is chatty."
Yeah, too bad it was all screaming in agony.

He IS chatty , but usually it's all good chatty. Thrilled to be alive, awake, seeing the sights ...chatty.

Oh...I can't wait to get him out of there. I just hope the other cats are going to be OK,when their mama is gone.

It's always some damn thing , ain't it?

I didn't know this was going to be a big ole cat post ...but like my mother used to say " the squeaky wheel gets the grease"

That's a whole 'nother story.

It's 22:36 ...what the hell time is it? I'm too old and senile to have to do math when I want to know what time it is.

Should I still be up?

I must go stick my head in the stove vent and smoke.....I'll be right back.

ok, I'm back ,but I still don't know if it's bedtime or not. ack!

My old self tells me that it is.......so here's some recent observations before I hit the sack.

I have not seen ONE kid acting like a brat in public here.
Well, there was that one toddler that crawled all over me at the bus station, but I blame his mother.
If you came to MY town, you would want to drag every kid under 10 to the bathroom to whip their ass, and then their mother too.
Don't see it here. I have not even heard a kid cry in public. Go Britain's. You are doing it right!

Oh crap, did I already say about the pink highlights?
If I did ,just ignore me.

Blond hair with vibrant pink highlights are very popular, even with OLD ladies! I have seen countless geriatric women with bright pink highlights.
GO old ladies!

Young girls are down with dark purple ,dark blue...whatever matches their outfit..err hoodie.

Oh...here I am ...alone in a foreign country .It is weird and oddly lonely. There have been times at home ,like when I have been out on the boat in May, by myself and I'm the only one out there. It's like your the only person left in the world. That's kind of how it is right now.
Well, it would have been , if I hadn't had O'Rielly on my neck all day like the Boston strangler.
I even hung up a coat rack today ,with him on my neck the whole time. When I was done ,the whole damn thing was crooked. can't wait until my husband admires my man skills.

I have many more observations.....just lost somewhere up in my addled brain.Maybe I'll remember some in the morning.

Don't hate me because I'm senile:)


Luv me


Anonymous said...

How can Monkey be freezing in the house? Turn your thermastat up! We're the one's who don't use our central heat. 2) Do you have a dead wish by signing him up to be a foster parent? Wait until you get back there. 3) time 22:36..military time. subtract 12 from the hour...its 10.36 4) I'd have to pass on the colored hair. If kids can't/don't act up in public when they're little, I guess that's there way to rebel when they get a few years older. I guess I could take it more than brattyness. off to garden club. aj

desert dirt diva said...

omg I love that picture of monkey!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brits are way more stricter with their kids than Americans. Brits didnt have Dr. Spock. ha! We presume you have met with the bail bondsman or whatever and made arrangements to spring Cavuto out of there. Would hate to see you ready to go and they say Cat? No, this cat isn't going anywhere - maybe in 6 weeks, but not now. Do not delay. Arkansas legislature is about to pass a cat law: all free ranging cats need to be neutered and micro-chipped. O'Reilly, poor thing, is suffering from separation anxiety. He is trying to stay as close to you and/or hub as physically possible - arm's length is not good enuf. G5

SOUL: said...

you can use that method for
mil-time aka 24 hr time---
or -- after 12 noon.. instead
of 1 o'clock go to 1300-
there you have yo military -
slash 24 hr time.

good Lord it's a little late for that stuff.

why am i awake RODGER?

email that info again...
i wrote it down wrong methinks.

i must go-- i don't remember anything else anyhow.
luv me

Brad said...

I thought that cat might never get off that door.

You need to get out and find a crazy neighbor to hang out with. Have you met anyone yet?

SOUL: said...

hello-- ?? the info i speak of is for the 22nd-- i have everything except the times and (p) numbers. the really important stuff. you know. so an email would be good. unless of course-- you like waiting. :))
luv me.

ac said...

My daughter had a cat that would curl around her neck like a collar. She could actually roller skate with him there. A funny site if I've ever seen one. At least your neck stays warm. :)