Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pajamas.... hangovers and thugs...oh my

Hi y'all,

Ignore this stupid underlining. I have no control over it. My children seem to have managed to have a wonderful "holidays" even without us. lol

They had a big ole new years party with a balloon drop, a dj, and a dance floor. Then I see that most of the people are wearing pajamas. I guess it was a pajama party too.

My oldest made it back to Florida dispite his hangover.

His guest post :

My Jan 1I had way too much fun on New Year's Eve! Logan, my evil little brother kept feeding me jager bombs. The balloon drop was pretty nifty. The boozing ensued until around 5am. After 4 hours of pseudo-sleep I got up and prepared for departure. Amazingly, I didn't have a horrible headache, but by the time I got to o'hare, my stomach was plotting its revenge.

I had forgotten how much more sensitive the metal detectors at ORD are compared to JAX. My dumb booze brain forgot to put my cell phone in my bag. After removing that, my belt set the thing off. The third time I walked through the detector, I threw my arms up in frustration and the guy made me walk through a 4th time with my arms at my sides.

I finally made it through security and found my gate with 5 minutes to spare. I was seated at the window next to some old English couple. I hoped to sleep through the flight, but it was all I could do to fight off the awesome waves of nausea. A few times during the flight, I felt like I couldn't fight it anymore. I looked over and the old folks had a veritable smorgasbord of in-flight snacks spread all over their tray tables! I decided to tough it out and amazingly made it to JAX. After exiting the plane, I tried to ignore visions of myself puking all over the luggage of the guy in front of me.

I made a b-line for the restroom and in the typical "welcome to jax" fashion, the bathroom floor was flooded with water and what must have been either wet clumps of paper towel or human waste. I was not sticking around to make that distinction!! I headed to the next restroom and by the time I arrived there, I felt like I had finally won the battle with my stomach. I zombie walked over to the claim and grabbed my bags. My trusty roommate pulled up almost instantly. I was home free!!!

Overall, it was a truly great vacation, but man am I glad to be home! I can go outside in a t-shirt! Weee!

My 3 sons , looking like thugs.

They do grow up sooo fast.

Anyhoo, seeing my kids happy is always a mood booster. I am glad they were able to be together and have a great time.

Looks like us oldsters really missed out. :(

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Yesterday was a lovely day. NOT!

My plan was to go to the doctor, then take a bus to the library ,then a bus to see Cavuto ,then walk home.

Well, after the doctors, I waited nearly 2 hours (in the cold ) for a bus to show up. Then after the bus bus . Finally after 4 p.m. ,the only bus comes. Apparently they were on a "Saturday schedule" due to New Years. All this time ,I am outside in the city bus shed. FREEZING to death. I keep trying to call my spouse. My cell phone does not work at all. Apparently he had it disconnected awaiting my new sim card and neglected to tell ME about it.

At one point ,this crazy crack head girl storms up to me and says "Put that cigarette out or I will snatch it right out of your hand!"

She had bloody scratches on her face like she had just been in a fist fight. I WAS outside ,but she was still going all berserk. Then she came back up to me and says "I'm sorry , I've had a really horrible f*cking day."

(yeah, well so have I honey! go take it out on somebody else) lol good Lawd!

It is pitch balck outside by now AND I have missed visiting hours at quarantine.

I finally get dropped off about 20 minutes away from home, to walk home on the trails in the pitch black darkness. I went the wrong way once and had to double back. I was scared to death and did I mention FREEZING?

I got home and my hubby was not home yet. he arrived and said "what the hell happened to you? I 've been trying to call you all day. "

He thought I had fallen down the stairs or something. If I had, at least it would have been warmer. lol

I better get off of here and get ready for the day. We're going to see Cavuto and then off to London. I'll take pictures if i see anything :)

Have a great day Peeps!

Luv me


Design PR said...

That's a funny photo comparison!

Anonymous said...

I can finally look at pic's that are sent, woo hoo, your boys all look so handsome, I remember them as young'ins @ 90th St.
Happy New Years,

ac said...

Your sons are very handsome. :)

myomyohi said...

Ian has always had a great smile. You have very handsome sons.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Did I miss it or did you not go buy stuff from someone moving to states? temo almost 70 today, worked outside all afternoon. aj

Anonymous said...

Three good lookin sons and no, they do not look like thugs. The thug was the crazy lady who wanted to grab your cigarette. You will go to London and take pics if you see anything? It is London - London for cryin out loud! G5

desert dirt diva said...

the boys look good..i remeber them running the streets ,ian flying threw the air on that atc....landing in my front should be very proud of them.....