Wednesday, January 21, 2009

isn't that lovely dahling......

Monkey on the British counter.

These are the fabulous sights that I see on my bus journeys.

The ever er.. never bright sky:)

Old brick bridge. I'd like to go down that road and see what's down there.

This is the pub we went to awhile back.
Titchfield mill.

A pub I was hoping to go to but never did.Maybe in August.

The cute red phone booth. Sadly, I think they no longer make them.

This is something I find very odd. You can barely tell from the picture but this is a duplex. Both sides are completely different. There are tons of these around here. One neighbor has theirs all maintained and updated, while the other half is decrepit and neglected.

It seems like they could get together and agree on a uniformed decor for the front, but it's not that way.

See, this one is half brick ,half stucco.

This little beaut' was at the bus stop.
I'm sorry but wouldn't "butt sex" or even "ass sex" sound a little more manly?LOL

A newer neighborhood. As you can see ,all the buildings are done in pretty much the same style. There are no rebels sticking out like a California ranch or a Victorian pained lady. It's all uniform.
New is made to look like the old.

This one IS old and pretty cool I might add.

I believe it's a duplex.(with a unified front)

Ok ,let's me see I have any new observations?

Oh , everyone says "Lovely" ,"Dahling","Hey ya" and "Yep"
My husband says there is no P on the end of the "Yep" but that's what it sounds like.

And personally, I don't find it very macho to hear men saying "lovely"
Maybe that's just me.

It is a big NO NO to use plastic bags around here. Everyone carries their own bags with them. At the store they HAVE bags , but they are hidden. They have to ask you "do you need a bag?"

I'm sure there's more.....but I have to go do something ;)

Today ,after we visit Cavuto they will drive him to London. We shall be on the plane tomorrow.

Please pray that all goes well!

Have a great day!

Luv me


Dear Liza said...

I loved seeing the pics of the area, and I think that red phone booth is really great, too bad that technology has advanced us out of such charm.

Have a really safe trip back across the pond.


Brad said...

Darling, British men by their very nature are not macho.

And don't be dissing my bus shelter graffiti. That one's got my phone ringing off the hook.

desert dirt diva said...

omg brad you so funny!!!!!!call me when you get safely home

Mary said...

I'm late geting to blogs today. I'm glad to know that you are (almost) on your way home. Let us know when you arrive. safe traveling!

I love the pics. Thanks for sharing.