Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is there a garbage man in the house?

Frazzle ,frazzle ,frazzle. ugh! Why do I get myself so frazzled?

Hubby should get here this evening and I am a frazzled wreck because I still have so much to do before then. Usually I am not behind schedule like this. I blame the damn cold weather because it has been too cold to take out the trash (I have a whole line of it waiting in my entry way) too cold to pump frekin gas! The truck is on fumes. And too cold to clean out the truck.It still looks like a garbage can in there.Also have a 50 pound bag of cat litter still sitting in the front seat because ,yep, been to damn cold to haul it in here.

Lovely, no?


It's a lot harder than you would think to get a picture of 2 cats sitting next to each other.

Cavuto and O'Reilly (2006)

Just managed to get these yesterday. Only took me 2 years for the photo op.

O'Reilly and his giant baby, Cavuto

They are beautiful....

aren't they.

I find it hard to believe that there is only a 3 pound difference in their weight.

Yesterday I told my husband that Eva was coming over to take me a new Visa picture. He couldn't believe it. He said "Why don't you just go to Walgreens ?"

"I'd prefer a picture that doesn't make me suicidal! That's why."

"Why would you even care? "

"I guess because I'm a girl."

Why would HE care that I care. LOL

So , once my awesome son makes it the right size ....

This will be my new Visa pic.

It can't make me young , but it also doesn't make me want to jump off a bridge.

Note to awesome son: Please hurry! Love yo mama


I better get busy on my fun,fun (cold) chores.

I will get to everyones comments later on .

Happy Saturday Peeps!

Luv me


Mary said...

Your cats are beautiful. Time really made a difference in the size difference.

I know you'll be happy to have hubby home for a few days even if it does leave you with a trashed house. I always judge the success of a weekend gathering by the size of the mess - the bigger the more successful. I know, I'm wierd. But the mess isn't important it'll clean up - the happy memories last forever.

Anonymous said...

Love the cat need to frame in a double frame! aj
ps Chicago is much colder.You could still be there!

Design PR said...


Brad said...

Love the pic - I never knew I was flirting with a minor.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cat pics! Cavuto is very petite. I thought you once lived in Chicago and its cold weather? I guess your blood has thinned out down here in Dixie. Congrats on getting your hubby home - that will be nice. I will watch carefully to see when he comes to hug his boat. G5

SOUL: said...

cavuto is a monster!

and you look really good..
i can't believe you are aging better than me. no fair!
you really should quit smokin. it'll add years to your minor-ness :))

oh gawd i feel so haggard and old now.
not that i didn't before.
but i really look BAAAAAD lately. and my hair is gonna kill me. it's about 8 inches longer than it should be.

ever notice in movies, someone can be in a coma for five years and their hair never changes? well.. i haven't had a haircut in like 3 months and i look like haggard on harry potter.