Friday, November 21, 2008

That cheap witch....I never...

Hi ya'll,

I really have nothing to post about. I have to clean out my truck today and the high is gonna be about 45 degrees. Not happy about that.But I can't let my hubby see it the way it is or he will nag "this truck is not a garbage can"

Guess what? "when you're gone, it sort of IS."

My lil' darlin' gets home tomorrow. Woo hoo!!! I have not seen him since Aug. 16th. So, I'm pretty happy about that.

My friend Eva is going to come over today and try to take a new passport(visa) picture for/of me.

I don't think my mind can handle another one of those Walgreen's mug shots.

(mine was actually MUCH worse)

In other news.....

Nickelback has a new album! Yippeee!!!

That baby should be in my mailbox by the end of today and I'll be listening to it all the way to freakin' Memphis.

With headphones of course. My hubby is too old to like good music.


I just finished reading this book. It was incredible, what those guys went through. For 7 damn years!

A real testament to the power of the human spirit.

It was also pretty informative for someone like me, who was 7 years old when all that happened.

The thing I remember most about that war is that everyone in school had a POW bracelet , except ME. I wanted one sooo bad.

I never got one . So I had to pray for soldiers with out even knowing their names.

At the time , I was pretty mad about it. :)
Kind of mad NOW too, since I just found out my mom could have got me one for only $2.00

Rush down to the library and get the book.


My house is clean as a whistle. Well, as clean as it can be in the middle of moving. I'll take some pics later compare the devastation my husband can cause to the house in about one day. LOL

Guess I'll be free to shop today. Hope you guys have a great day in your worlds.

It's safe to wake up now, I'm done:)

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Glad hubby's coming home! 26 degrees here..breeeee aj

Brad said...

I wanna see the walgreens passport pic! come on.....

Have a great weekend sweet pea - glad you'll have the man back home!

Anonymous said...

High here today was 35 !!! Tonight is to get in 20's again! brrrrrrrrr Answer me, hawg! aj

SOUL: said...

woke up to 31 her high was 37.. burrrrr. and it's only gonna get worse.

stez has one of those bracelets..his is metal.. i'd never seen one before. he wore it for years--til you almost can't even read it anymore.

my eyes and memory dont let me read. :(

desert dirt diva said...

man it is so friggin hot here still i almost wore shorts today, its like in the upper seventies..and of course mental pause hot flashes, does not help..GRRRRRRRRRRRRR..but would rather have the hot weather than the freezing stuff....glad to hear hubby will be home tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

Good that hub is coming home for the holiday. They don't have Thanksgiving in England - which must be weird. Just another day. They don't have football games either which is equally weird - but they have a lot of soccer games, which they call football. Will watch for hub to come over and embrace his boat and say sweet things to it. It IS a beauty. G5