Thursday, November 27, 2008

How egg-sasperating!

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!!

What kind of moron can't even boil an egg?

Um...that would be ME.

This is from an old post from last Christmas:

I had the brilliant idea to make deviled eggs. Which I have NEVER made. I have not even boiled an egg since the last time we had an easter egg hunt. (actually hubby 2 may have done THAT part)

So ,I ruin about a dozen eggs. The shells were stuck to them like glue, and somehow the insides were still kind of raw.

Those went in the garbage disposal ,while Wes tried his hand at it.

He boils up another dozen eggs.

They were so hideous. I never did even try one.

Tempting, isn't it? ROFL!!

The filling runny and gross.The eggs , so torn up and ugly. lol

Last night: I decide that I will make "egg salad stuffed celery" for our Hors derves tray.

THIS is the fiasco that my boiled eggs turned out to be.

Nice and half raw with most of the whites stuck to the shells (now in the sink)

What is wrong with me? lol

How can a reasonably intelligent(not to mention OLD) person be unable to boil a frekin egg?

I'll be back later with the scoop on our thrilling day.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friends.

Luv me


Design PR said...

Those deviled eggs were delicious!

Brad said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'll say a prayer for the turkey.

Smocha said...

Wes, I wouldn't know. I never got up the nerve to try one. lol

Happy Thanksgiving! Love Mom

Brad,no need. Luckily my man is in charge of the bird:)
I will probably ruin the gravy though. ;)

desert dirt diva said...

man I can even boil an egg:) just put them in the water and let them boil till some of the water is gone ,ya got boiled takes about a half hour unless your boiling muliple eggs then after a half hour just let them sit in the hot water as they keep on cooking.....ya got some done eggs..
happy thanks giving my dear friend..miss you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I have heard the expression about not even able to boil an egg, but now I have seen it with my own eyes. What I saw here were half boiled eggs. Ya gotta let them finished being boiled! Get the pan up to good, rolling boil with the eggs in, then turn down to half throttle and go read a book for a while. You cannot really overboil an egg but 30 mins is fine. Great, graphic photos of cackleberries in various stages of destruction! G5

SOUL: said...


so sorry but i had to bust out laughin at your egg disasters LOL

you must trudge forward until you boil the perfect egg-- my dream once was to master the art of county gravy--- just knowing now that i "can" make the best gravy in town, is good enough for me. now i use packaged gravy by coice! ha

love you
love me

Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart says to borl an egg, pring the water to a boil. Turn heat off but leave covered for 15 minutes. no peeking and you'll have nice done eggs but not green -- which you'd have if you boil 30 minutes! aj