Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A test to kill the letdown....

Your result for The Commonly Confused Words, To, Test...

B+ (Adroit)

Very well done! It was a difficult test and you all but aced it. You have much more than a grasp of good English, you have command of the language. You've clearly read a great deal, and it's possible you studied English in college.

Thanks for taking my test. If you liked it, make sure to rate it!Congratulations again.


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SOUL: said...

wth is that-- i clearly have NOT read a lot and dont desire to fail a test that you aced-- so i shall pass-- where the heell ARE you and wth are you doin?????

Design PR said...

Dang.. you beat me!

B (Skillful)

Well done! You got about three-fourths of the questions right, on a difficult test. Some subtleties are beyond you at the moment, but overall you're a fine and praise-worthy writer. I'd trust you as a proofreader. You are probably an avid reader, and you take more than a passing interest in correctly expressing yourself.

Anonymous said...

I took your dumb test and failed failed failed, it says a monkey could do better