Monday, November 17, 2008

My blogs new duds.....

Happy Monday ya'll,

New name , new look :)

A little premature.....but that's just the way I roll. My spouse waits until the last second to pack and everything. When I was a little kid I would be packed 2 weeks before I was supposed to take a trip. Old habits die hard.

Well, absolutely nothing has been going on around here. The weekends are truly the pits!

So here's a little meme that I got from Mary , over at Pathways.

7 Weird Things About Me

1.I can not stand to be barefooted . EVER! I have given birth wearing socks. When I see some one in the hospital on T.V. wearing no socks, it makes me cringe for them.
The only time I do not have socks on, is in the lake or the shower.I even want socks on when I am dead!

2. My startle reflex is off the charts.If a neighbor comes up to me while I'm vacuuming my car or checking my mail, I have been known to scream my head off like a lunatic. Same thing if my husband comes up on me, in our own house when I wasn't expecting it.

3.I have the metabolism of a sloth. I have been eating nothing but lunch and then a banana in the evening for over a month and I the scale has not budged.This sucks ass!

4.When I get the hiccups, each hick is like a burp. "hick ugggggHHHH."
My husband is the only other person I have ever seen who gets the hiccups that way.

5.I constantly hum, out loud, even in public. And I really don't care what people must think of me.

6.I make lists for everything. I can not function without a list.This is partly due to my memory being crap, but I'm pretty sure I did it when I was young too.

7.The longest I have ever lived in one place was 6 years. I know my way around in Seattle, Colorado Springs, Chicago, Stockholm, Bakersfield, Antelope Vally ,Arkansas,Palm Springs and probably a few more places that escape my memory right now.

Yep, I'm weird alright. But now that I'm old, I'm cool with it :)

Feel free to steal the meme.

Have a great day ya'll!

Luv me


SOUL: said...

lovin the new decor sistah---
how'd you get blue???? i woulda been blue from the start-- is it new? i didn't notice the option. now i'm jealous.

good weird things list too-- i should do it teeewww--
maybe later.

i am backlogged in emails-- oh, the pressure--- but it's alll good--- i used to NEVER get "real" email
i'm movin up the social ladder
aren't you proud

Brad said...

Hi ya Sweets - Where's that picture from? I like the white sky ark thingy whatever it is.

I did post - didn't have squat to say today but I did it FOR YOU!

anyway - it's sucky monday - that's my story - XOXO B

Anonymous said...

The new look is great! Easy to read and a very pleasing blue. Good work! Do you also make love wearing socks? I did that once on a cold day - it felt weird. G5

Smocha said...

I don't think the blue choice used to be there. you have to go thru them and hit preview to find it.
I love it!

Do the meme since you have nuttin to post about.

I never get real mail :(

Brad , i told you this already ,but for the rest of you....that new header pic is Portsmouth ,England . The town we're going to . The white thing is the spinnaker tower.

thanks. I love the new look myself:)
Usually , unless we are doing the deed in the water...I am usually wearing socks for "that" too.
TMI. :)

Happy Tuesday ya'll