Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ugh! May I just scream?

Or ,how 'bout I just bitch? Yeah, let's go with that one.

Friday, UPS has my litter robot on the truck. I was stuck at home all day today waiting for UPS.

If the address said 14 and there were only 4 houses....(1,2,3, and 4) wouldn't you think someone would be smart enough to try number 4?

Well, I would think that. But NOOOOO. Instead they take my package back and keep it for 3 more days.

Why do I care? Because we decided to ship the stuff after all. But the box I was waiting for....was too huge and needed to be re-packed into 2 boxes.

The pickup is scheduled for tomorrow. After wasting my whole day here.....6:30 p.m. and still no UPS.
They finally showed up at nearly 7 p.m. (too late for me to go somewhere and find new boxes)

I had to tear down the stupid huge box and make a smaller box.

Luckily Cavuto was ......in my damn way.....I mean ..er...helping me, the entire time.

Progress......and a cocktail.

After Building boxes and repacking all the others..........

Finished and ready to be stuck at home all day tomorrow waiting for it all to be picked up.

Supposedly only from 9 to 5. He he.

Bad helper cat.

Good NON helping cat.

Good NON helping cat.

Also NO word on my VISA . There's diddly squat on T.V ., it's freezin' ass cold and I think I have PMS.

Ahhhhh...that feels better .

Happy Monday ya'll!


desert dirt diva said...

and hot diggity damn i'm first yea for me woo hoo yea......oh....stiffy looks stiff, and cavuto is just the cutest, and bless o'reilly he is trying to help!!he just needs motovation...lol

myomyohi said...

Happy Tuesday. You can come go to work for me, and I'll stay home all day for you.
Off to work or I'll be late.
See ya.

Brad said...

You do live the life of luxury now don't you!

P.S. Cavuto is in my employee as my evil minion, just so you know.