Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anyone have a brain I can borrow?

Ola Peeps,

After the stressful wait yesterday for UPS, I ripped open my package of paperwork hoping to see a shiny new visa. Even though all along ,my gut was telling me something was wrong.

So, did I see a shiny new visa inside? Of course not. Because I am "Me"

Imagine my horror when I saw THIS instead.

(click on it to make it big)

I have to do it ALL over again.....including the stink'n trip to Memphis for fingerprints .(which they already have!)

It was all I could do to keep from bawling my head off for the rest of the day.

I do not know how this even happened. I never checked any "settlement" box.

I do already have my plane ticket , so now ,if they don't approve the dang thing quickly , we will have a problem.

The thought of driving to Memphis again was the MOST upsetting thing of all. Thank God my husband will be home ,so HE can drive .

Remember how shocked we were that my visa cost nearly a thousand dollars? Well, apparently the "correct" type of visa is only 300 and something. (Thank God they are refunding us the money for the first screw up)

I could just scream.



Design PR said...

I never had a slice of bread,
Particularly large and wide,
That did not fall upon the floor,
And always on the buttered side.'s_law

Mary said...

My buttered side always hits the floor first, too.

If I may say so, the response you received really shows how professional the "Professionals" are. Hand printed on what looks like a small sticky note and almost unreadable.

I'll cry and scream for you - if I could be there, we'd really have a bitchin' party.

American Mom In London said...

How unbelievably frustrating... especially the having to get the fingerprints redone. That happened to me too and I was SO pissed!

I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

Anonymous said...

I'll scream with Mary! Why not go tomorrow? Don't wait! aj

Golden To Silver Val said...

Its all part of a diabolical plot to drive you totally insane, don't you know that? Silly girl! Why else would they make it so hard....because they CAN, that's why. Cheer up...things could be worse...they could have kept your money. Although you will probably get social security before you see the refund. LOLOLOLOL (sorry....can you tell I'm in one of those "I'm sick of being stepped on" moods?) Arghhhhhh how I hate red tape. Good Luck.

SOUL: said...

hmmm... ya think we inherited someones dead brain cells?

i have said more than once that my cats hate their robot-- i prolly woulda gave you mine. too late now.

yep-- good thing you are gettin a refund--and lucky you that the right one is so much cheaper.

btw-- when are you goin to memphis? i went to school near their-- in millington.. remember? just sayin.
that's where i messed up my face in the car wreck-- oh ya-- and my back now that i think of it.
freda-- your son is here.. LOL.

anyhow-- speakin of travelin-- when will you be HERE?
are you leavin out of here too-- or just the cats?
what's goinin on?
luv me

Anonymous said...

For all our taxes we pay you get a scrawly handwritten note? Maybe good thing they sent the scrawly, to have a memo typed by a bureaucrat gubmint secretary would have taken 8 days. So sorry for you that this happened. My tax refund was delayed for 4 months because I rounded 40 cents up instead of down. Actually, the first 22 miles of the drive to Memphis is quite nice - then you hit I-30 and the even worse I-40 with its 18 wheelers. But hey, right after leaving Pulaski County you get to pass by the Maybelline factory! G5

Smocha said...

Hi ya'll ,

Thanks for the sympathy :)

UGH! This makes me soooo mad!Also , I don't know when I have felt so stupid. :)

Brad said...

Clearly a note written by one of the fine employees of homeland security - sheesh !