Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Puttin' the smack down....

and our heatwave.

Note O'Reillys ears.

Ears now flat....he's getting the smack down.

"I slap you face!"

(ears even flatter) LOL

The trail to the store.

It always reminds me of Hansel and Gretal.

The lowest clouds I think I've ever seen and the most warmth and blue skies I've seen in God knows how long.

How they're alive? I don't know.

Lying on the bathroom floor like a dog.

Cavuto is totally obsessed with the cat next door.

I thought they liked each other....

Who the hell knows.


Comments to comments:

love the pix--- happy you got out-- why is it a ghost town?

It wasn’t .It was actually pretty busy. Just a rare split second where everyone was out of sight.

z cats look happy -- and i wanna see zebras !! why on earth would there be zebras cruisin down town?

I guess there are no zebras. Lol I think that’s what they call a cross walk.

Great pics. i love thrift shopping! am very jealous. Our only decent one closed down recently!

Thanks. I don’t know what I’d do without thrift shops. It’s my main hobby :)


Do you carry an umbralla when you go out? If not, how do you get around?. You probably said but I've slept since then -- was that 'bed' in the closet made for the cats? Aj

When I go out I always have my rolling backpack. In it are gloves, scarves, hat ,ear muffs, umbrella and my little purse.That’s a cat bed. There’s one on top of my wardrobe too.

I am laughing at what you said about McDonalds. I don't go there much anymore, but my hubby is gone today and the main thing on my mind is going to McDonalds to get something to eat.

I go there because it’s cheap. LOL I never eat there back at home.

The Red Lion Hotel looks interesting but what caught my eye was the stripes on the street. I could make no sense of them. Zerba crossing? Maybe an overstressed city employee had something to do with both. Just kidding. That's my wierd sense of humor.

I don’t get those stripes on the street either. One more reason I do not drive here!

Lovely pictures, looks like you enjoyed your day, out and about.
The "Zebra Crossing" is what they call the black and white cross-walks...guess they were giving the motorist a "heads up" so they can slow down.

There you have it.


What!!? You had your choice of some fine lookin pubs and you chose to eat lunch at McDonalds? Gahhhh!!! You coulda had a beer with your lunch. Draft ale. Great pics. They guy who painted the white stripes in the street in front of the pub must have been drunk. Good buys except maybe the little old lady pillow cases. G5

Those are shabby chic pillow cases and someone put a LOT of work into making them. LOL, MEN!

Believe me, I never thought I would be looking forward to McDonalds as my “big treat” , but it costs me 4 pounds just to take the bus TO town, then a double cheeseburger meal is about 3 pounds and 50. So, I’ve nearly spent 10 pounds, before I even hit the thrift store. I can’t afford to eat at a pub!


Wow, besides the crappy weather you have had, the pics look amazing! I miss Europe. It kinda looks like Germany.I hope your weather changes and soon! Love ya,

I remember when you were little and would come back from Germany wearing some cute ass red shoes, I was sooo jealous. I don’t think any place is that unique any more. That’s just sad.

Fareham? I didn't know you lived that close to me! I'm only in Winchester. Never been to Fareham, actually....but I know where it is.

Glad you got out though! If you ever want to catch a train and head to Winchester on a weekend, let me know! :)

We went to Winchester once. I thought the place was adorable. My spouse was a grouchy drag that day. I think I can take a bus there.

Titles are for good posts.....................

Don't think I will risk taking HIM with me next time. LOL

Loved the post and pics.

Thanks honey!


Haha, good idea.
Can't wait for spring/summer!
Yesterday at the park, the weather was fine. Now it's freakin' 42 degrees out! brrrr!

Believe me, I can’t wait either!

Ha today, I told my hubby “OMG! We’re having a heat wave; it must be 45 degrees out!”

ahhh wes quitchyer cryin-- 42 is a nice day out here lately :))

Yeah…see above.

that was a wonderful trip down a summery lane -- thank you :))

i an sooo havin withdrawals for sun, water, and FISH, i can't stand it !!

So am I!!! except for the fish part. lol

I love your house...brought back fond memories...waking up in the morning sitting at the table with the window open smoking the forbidden morning cig.,.having happy hour laying on the kitchen floor(she has the cleanest of floors)..Looking at our feet...up on the kitchen forget the very good smelling gardenias...they are the best. right outside your back door.....I have the best of times at your house!

Counting down the days Poodles!


You have a beautiful condo back home. The pics just prove it. Now, if you ever are sittin in that beautiful condo complaining and bitching about anything about it - you will immediately be sent to England where you will live in a shoebox for 9 months. Ha! Distance will make your heart grow fonder and I know it will be good to get back into 98 degree heat here in God's country. G5

You got that right buddy!


Yryin to figure out where that last beautiful sunset pic was taken. Was that at the Back Porch Grill? G5

That was on the deck at Does.

Not sure where it is, but looks great. A boat ride would be great and love the sunset pic. We have sunshine outside right now, hope you do too.

Yep, surprisingly…we HAD sun for the last 2 days! That is my home in America, it’s in Arkansas. Not that I’m a hick or anything. :)

That's not all the comments...but it's past my bed time.

To be continued...........

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I had red shoes? I dont remember them. I think. Were they red patent? Seems like shiney red shoes are flashin in front of my eyes? If i find em, you can have em! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Great cat pics and video. They tell a story without words. Cats are very territorial - moreso than dogs. Here that neighbor cat comes over and tells Cavuto to get the hell out of Cavuto's own house. Wow! Cavuto teased him. You have to train Cavuto to give the neighbor cat the one finger salute. Begorrah! They actually have sunshine in England! The walk looks inviting and know you enjoyed gettin out in the sun. G5

Heather said...

Loved those pictures! And that blue sky looks wonderful, I actually pay to see some of that here soon!

Nocturnal Queen said...

Love the pictures. Funny video. :-)

Wesley said...

"I slap you face!"
that pic is so funny.

Sandy said...

Love the photos! I would so love to walk down that path to the store....every day.

Anonymous said...

I always liked McDonalds dollar double hamburger, fries and you couldn't beat 2 ice cream comes for a dollar. This was in these high priced days. But I quit buying anything from them last year when they quit buying American beef. Not only am I scared of their meat (not under the US's high guideline) if they won't give our beef farmers their business, I won't give them my business! aj ps Love the video! Good thing there's glass between them!